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Samantha Josephson had her bought mitzvah. Her family is returning today under much different circumstances today. They don't know and can't contemplate how they think of the future set Josephson says his cousin's death will leave a hole in the heart of their family forever. But they don't want her death to be in vain families. Message that it hopes people young adult for certain take from this senseless killing other wonderful girl that the rideshare community Uber and lift learn from this and take ownership of the fortune made by their customers. They want to see more education more stringent laws put into place for drivers to better identify themselves. And for riders to double check before they get in either of those things might have saved Josephson's life. She was twenty one years old the alleged driver is in custody in west Windsor. Steve burns, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight the FDA wise backtracking on plans to cut the number of firefighters on fire engines, here's Mike melts for firefighters association. President terrar- FitzGerald sums up his discussions with the administration so far points that that I was pretty much have been aware of and just don't agree with city officials in the FDA are looking at cutting what's called the fifth man on fire engines to an extra firefighter for about twenty engines across the. The city that union boss. Fitzgerald says is crucial and operates as a manpower pool. If one person goes sick or gets hurt during the course of a tour. That means a ladder company will be will be responding with less than a full assignment of firefighters on that Rick and that makes it dangerous. The city wants the firefighters union to get its members to cut back on the amount of medical leave. They take a big money trainer. Something the union says they can't do for now the fifth man on engines won't be cut. But that could change depending on whether the two sides can come to a deal at USA headquarters. Mike shmelts abuse CBS, News Radio eight eighty it's nine seven charges leveled against the man who's drone struck a cop and the hat. Yesterday's funeral for a Brooklyn rabbi that's coming up in three minutes descriptions are on sale now for the next thought provoking season of the New Jersey speakers series, presented by fairly.

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