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Five g for you for details mel. Here's a highlight from coast to. Am on iheartradio now. This story of president eisenhower close. Carter's is this the valiant thor story. Oh my goodness no. I don't have a whole lot of faith in that one. I'm sorry to say This is the story of him. Going out to palm springs california on a so-called vacation in february of nineteen fifty. Four eisenhower could've golfed anywhere. So the very fact that he flew like over two thousand miles just to spend Four or five days golfing in the desert should have raised some red flags right off the bat and that's two years after the flap over the nation's capital right which you ever see headlines in washington paper. There's a picture of eisenhower. Just after winning the republican party nomination with richard nixon as his running mate and then the headline right above them. Ufo's over the capital and On a couple of occasions. July nineteen fifty two. That's right okay. So tell us about his trip. Well eisenhower and the first lady went out to palm springs despite the fact that they practically made a second home of gusta georgia where they loved. the golf course there and i and people Literally built him a house on the course to live in so it becomes exceptionally strange to fly all the way out to palm springs which was just a short flight to edwards air force the western white house. I guess well he stayed at the palm. Are the palm springs smoke tree ranch and a bit of an exclusive place and on friday night february nineteenth nineteen fifty four We can check the records and he Seemed to have a big gap during the evening where his whereabouts are not officially recorded and meanwhile there was a big party for the media at the hotel which they probably didn't think much of at the time but this may be the mo Of operation of distracting the media to give the president a really good chance to slip out under the cover of darkness and fly to edwards air force base in the early nineteen eighties A man stepped forward and said i was amongst this group that encircled president eisenhower to give him extra security at edwards As we stood on the edge of a runway in an open air Plane hangar and there were five spaceships out on the hangar or on the runway rather and Some human-like stepped out and communicated in english with president eisenhower. And they had some things they wanted to share with them and then they kinda played their hand and he told them to beat it in so many words over really He said gutsy by the president well in so many words. He said we can't have this. This is just unacceptable to people. You're too far beyond us. They had ships that Dazzled everyone they put on an aerial display over the runway and the desert night air and showed that their technology was far ahead of ours. three where circular ships and two elongated or a cigar shape and They landed and came back and then they really blew the president's mind and that was the last straw with what they were able to do. A right in front of him. What was that. And that was to be able to either cloak themselves or Control their molecular structure their atomic structure and make themselves invisible to the naked eye reappear. Even moving over to one side the pilot. So i was. There and eisenhower was really uncomfortable about this that we knew they were there. And yet we We i guess they heard them and then they couldn't see them so They reappeared and eisenhower was like oh my goodness we just cannot have this walking around on the in our country like cause absolute chaos disrupt our society. And you know. I'm not going to be responsible for a like a wall street crash and people having heart attacks and Everyone remembered the war of the worlds. The orson welles broadcast where supposedly people panicked at the thought of Martians they did. They did indeed That was a little overblown by orson welles in the aftermath claiming all this There was a a bit of Curious reaction by people. I think one man did have a heart attack but Everyone recall that and thought. Oh boy we can't have aliens landing here in In our skies zipping about In our air f- air Traffic and walking around amongst people even if they did look like humans very much that was the description by the pilot who wished to remain. Anonymous told this story and it came out of news papers in nineteen eighty two and a little dribs and drabs. And i read about it in nineteen eighty five. Thought this is really cool story. You believe this story paul. I really do. After researching it for many years and cramming is facts and sources in my book to try to give people their money's where i really think did happen and there's a number of sources in there that say it's a very real thing. Eisenhower was calm but told him you're going to have to leave. Apparently the main thing the aliens wanted in exchange for a quote educational program for humanity to let them know that they're not alone in the universe was to. Please stop these atomic bomb test. Detonations going on in the air in the water and it's polluting all three and punching into outer space and they practically begged for president eisenhower. And he eventually declined. He said i'm not going to disarm unilaterally and he kept up the The test Atomic bomb explosion project For a couple of years to come couldn't e. t's have obliterated us if they wanted to. I would assume so. Yeah they they certainly had the aerial technology and the cloaking technology and we can assume that if they were of the violent nature but they were said to have been friendly. Spoke english We're on armed and They were not any fret in person to eisenhower but this is another. Threat is an old war Maneuvering strategist eisenhower. Was quite familiar with the story of the trojan horse. What if you let in some friendly aliens and this is just opening the floodgates to gosh knows what coming later so this is another reason why he asked them to stay away and may have formed and agreement of sorts that needed to be signed and the late great art campbell put together some wonderful research. That indicated eisenhower flew to new mexico in february of nineteen fifty. Five one year later and may well have synced up An agreement Addressing this issue of the aliens having a base out in nevada that With the air force permission to come and go quietly and exchange would not show themselves would not disrupt american society and people would be allowed to blindly go on believing that ufo's and a little green men were just silly Science fiction movies at the time. That's that's possibly you very conceivable. Do you think there was a private deal not public.

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