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The first one is the design deal. Canot Alvarez. How can I. Anymore. I think it's gonna take a second to to read all boom. There we go. We listen around. So yeah, five year eleven deal. And the minimum he'll get his three hundred sixty five million, which the weird thing about that is they said, that's the number like the highest sports contract ever in history. Sounds weird, right? Especially when you think about baseball and. All those huge contracts. And then I looked up on what Kapiti a-. Well, it is. I get. Yeah, I guess. You're well. He still won't be the highest paid athlete, but the highest paid contract contract is high speed. Some of those former one racers and Lewis Hamilton. Some of those guys make way more money per year Rinaldo outdoor Smits, but that's pretty cool. Man. Shout canal. It's a big deal does own. It's an interesting move because obviously there's there's only really there's two players in the game box. Now, HBO fate not dealing with any more and you know, so then showtimes the only major network that carries it shot up to Showtime and then does own being a streaming service only now and them signing the likes of canal it. It's a big move. It's a really big move. So you know, I it forces everyone to daft into kind of do a one eighty here in and bring it back to the USC the US's going to have to debt. Because now with design, you're getting he's Cannella fights and comes with huge fan base, Anthony, Joshua fights, and whoever else to try and sign, you have to have a digital platform. If you don't have a digital presence in in this, fuck endanger tune eighteen and you can tell the pay per view model even though they just had their biggest paper you. But in general, the paper. Of your models haven't been working out, so you have to go away from the pay per view model. And at what point do they do that and go? I we have to dapper times he banking on these old MMA heads. Keep buying these paper views when you do that. So that that that that whole model of pain seventy dollars for this one fight. When you ain't get canal for nine ninety nine or you can get some of these big fights for for way less, you know. So I think this is it's trending in that direction of digital streaming services said of these old school pay per view, kind of ways. And it's at his first fights on there in December, December, fifteenth against rocky fielding. Yep, not not. Not not like a walk park of see. It's a lot of people like, dude, I've never heard of rocky fielding. Tough guy. Bigger dude is only loss, I think is one of the Smith brothers. It's going to be tough fight. Men. You know, it's not an easy one. Not an easy one l. and then Danny Jacobs is James fighting this weekend or next weekend? It is this weekend twenty-seventh. Danny Jacobs fights and off. See he's bigger than canal to a lot of people hoping Danny Jacobs wins and you get a Danny Jacobs. Can Hello fight? Let me tell you about Danny Jacobs. No one wants to fight. Danny Jacobs. He's a huge name. A lot of people thought he'd beat triple g. He's a big dude. Historians very fascinating because he got cancer cancer in his leg or something like that. So he took a long period of time off and then came back and now that he's back. You know, he he had that war with triple g and he thought that was going to help him. He thought it was going to prove to everyone invalidate him that he's, you know, a upper-echelon boxer, but what it did it scare everyone. So holy shit, he's big, he's fast. He's athletic something. He did be triple g. He's not a huge name. So a lot of guys don't wanna fight him, but Danny Jacobs pursuing. It'd be a fucking monster. You're really good fight. Danny Jacobs fights. Tober twenty-seventh.

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