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Texted he said. All right, let's give it away. You got at seven a.m. here. So this is your Michael Jordan flu game. It is it is, And you bet your bottom dollar after the show. It's right back to bed. I go on more night Quill. I am so have you figured out what you got yet? Is this the air conditioner flu that you actually ended up? Practice. So it's funny. You say that sort of a spinoff of Kramer in Seinfeld going to the vet with the same dog that had the Kendall Coffey ad. I went about. I'm gonna laugh the pediatrics Dr with Taylor to see what she had explained my symptoms to the pediatrician, and we had the same exact thing and I was told There is some kind of viral cold that is hitting people hard right now because we're all out about masculine again and our immune systems have been compromised over 18 months of not being around anybody but our own bubbles. At least that's what this doctor told his, Peters said. It's totally normal, said there's nothing you can do. But basically Tylenol and Nike will and just there's no antibiotic. It's going to help. You just got to battle through it. So it's not from the A C. Then it's something you picked up from somebody in your social circle or being out around the town. Exactly. It is not. I thought it was their conditioner flu. As it turns out, it's regular flu. So that's where we're at. You picked up the flu in the middle of the summer. Also, remember when you got sunburned, and then that turned into the flu as well. So you've had a hell of Erato? Yeah. Warm weather sicknesses. That was sun poisoning. There was there was everything to do with it. The only problem is Taylor is now recovered. I haven't still so it's a bad way. But doesn't matter. I came here to perform on your birthday, and I'm giving the best damn sure we can. And he's certainly not holding back. Telling us how tough he is that he's here doing his four hour radio show from a basement should should be noted not only as more as so tough I'm the one that showed up to do my job on my day off morass, so I don't know who's gaming who here doubt? Here. By the way, I didn't know you fish, and I couldn't believe I saw that over the weekend. I didn't. Oh, yeah, I did fish over the week yet he fishes so much. He doesn't remember where he fishes bogus. Well, I fished on Thursday, actually, so, but I posted the picture on Friday or Saturday. That's gotcha. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I just picked it up. It's a new new hobby about him. Going to get into a little bit Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday. Happy.

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