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Out of bounds here. The 40 yard line. Another of standing kick return by Chris Hudson goes for 35 yards and decent field possession. As Lawrence White makes the stop for Iowa State. Maybe try to make a right out of some of the wrongs that these special teams miscues for. For the Oregon Ducks. That was a great job he was trying to set up look like the called return was going to the left side of the field. But he saw an opportunity to go out the back door to the near side of the field and found in advantage. Got a big game 40 yard. Starting point is a big advantage for this offense, unopened down day for Bobby Williams, the special teams coach. A couple of special teams, Miss takes a couple of good runs as well. It is Anthony Brown. Still in a quarterback. He's got two in the back field from the 41. Brown has nothing. Now roll these chase to his right, just chucks it away. And that's really the experience of a guy like Anthony Brown. He saw nothing downfield and then casually out of the pocket, throws it out of bounds. Yeah, and it Z interesting. In the second half. We're finally starting to see the pass. Rush is both of these teams have talented pass rushers, its cave on Thibodeaux on the organ side and Jaquan Bailey and will McDonald from the Iowa State side first time we've called their names today, second down in 10 for the Ducks line of scrimmage is the 41 Yard Life. Shawn dollars in the backfield snapped a brown fires on the slant diving, incomplete for jail in red. Went down right at the 50 yard line, expects himself in the chest and said, should have caught that one. On the Joe Morehead offense on full display five receivers out into the route combinations three to the top side of the formation and to this side, lots of people moving in multiple different directions, and that time it was Jalen Red found the soft spot in between. The numbers in the hash quarterback throws an accurate ball, but he drops it. That's not gonna work. You've got to help your quarterback out, especially when you're behind. Organ, one of the better third down teams in the nation over to today, 3rd and 10 from the 41 snap to Brown pressure up the middle, dumps it off on the cross here and short of the first down about two yards shy was Johnny Johnson. Jake Hummel took him down at the 48 yard line, and it's fourth down and Anthony Brown look into the sideline sense. Let's go forward here. Let's go for it fourth down short. Behind. It looks like Mario Christa balls. Sending out couldn't tell you sending out somebody yet. Looks like all the offensive lineman shoved the shoulders dejected. They're sending out the painting changed his mind at the last minute Play clock now under 20 seconds. Mario Crystal Ball will send out the punter Tom Snee, the sophomore from Australia, his second part of the game, both coming here in the third quarter. 5.5 minutes to go in the third play clock is at five. Snee is ready waiting on the long staff. There it is back in his 40 yard line gets off a good kick from left to right. This is Milton over the shoulder Catch fair signal, and he catches it at the 11 yard line. It's upon a 41 yards and no return with 5 19 to go in the third quarter and Iowa State leading this 1 31 to 17 college football on ESPN Radio is brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union proud to serve members of the armed Forces, D O D veterans and their families are members of the mission. Learn more at Navy, federal dot board Marquess Fisher and Ben Heart Sock with you and we had what it had 21 points for Iowa State in the second quarter alone. 21 3rd of the 31 points scored in the second much different story so far here in the third quarter. Both of these teams has found their pass rush and they're getting these quarterbacks offer their mark That last third down pressure that came from the Iowa State Cyclones brought pressure right up the heart of the defense. I think it was a shame young who came from his safety position when we talk about this John Haycock 335 defense. You've got three down linemen and then you can use any combination. Of linebackers and corner backs and safeties and nickel backs at any different angle, And it is very, very challenging for an offense to identify who's a part of your box. Who's in the protection? Who were the offensive lineman going to protect? Well, if you identify one of those linebackers or nickel backs as somebody that you're going to predict, but he's in the coverage. Then you're wasted that offensive lineman and another Russia from another spot If you misidentify can get there, and that's where I see Myung came right through the middle of that Oregon offensive line, forcing Anthony Brown to throw that ball short. Of the first down conversion. We've had a couple of chances to be in on conversations with John Hancock, the defensive coordinator in his fifth year with Iowa State, was the head coach at Youngstown State. In the early two thousands and other coaches from around the country of Headed into Ames just to get an idea of how the 335 really works. He kind of played coy. I think with us in our latest conversation, and it's not really that big deal. I don't know exactly how it works Great. He knows exactly how this thing works, and he's tuning it up well in Iowa state. Well, you can you want to have three safeties and then any combination of people coming from different points. It really, really stresses, especially at the collegiate level. It stresses the abilities of these offensive lines in these quarterbacks that have so many things to process. To identify. Okay, Who's my hot man? Not only am I thinking about the route combination of all right if this safety's here that I'm throwing to this side of the field effect cornerback is dropping here. That means I'm getting to my check down. It's The task of a quarterback is just so unbelievably hard. It's so hard so many apples so much information to pass to process and so when you add The complexion of the complexity of blitzing linebackers and safety and identifying who's hot and who have to read off of it is really, really a tough task for quarterbacks to execute. Our cast is your Ben Heart sock with you? We're getting ready to get back to action here with 5 19 to go in the third Iowa state leading Oregon, 31 to 17.

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