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Here with more of America's First News. Gordon? Florida's panhandle coast is littered with evidence that hurricane Michael was one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the US roofs are peeled from buildings and pieces of homes are scattered amid snapped trees down power lines, Panama City resident Colleen swab says she and her family hunkered down in a closet. Rufus gonna come came down. And we saw the fence was down. We we just knew that. We were very lucky announced suggests turnaround out a storm. Michael's fierce winds, and heavy rains are now thrashing Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia stocks plunged to their worst loss in eight months as tech companies continue to drop the Dow industrials skit at eight hundred thirty two points yesterday. The tech heavy NASDAQ dropped three hundred sixteen Josie Oli markets reporter for business insider told ABC the tech selloff wasn't surprising tech stocks were actually in a pretty pretty vulnerable position with their valuations stretched even on some measures beyond where they were during the bubble are on the two thousand thousand crash so people were already a little weary thinking, you know, these are these things are at the top of their range any sort of bad news can really spent send them spiralling apple and Amazon both had their worst day in two and a half years. FBI director Christopher racist terror groups will soon use drones to carry out attacks. In the US. I think we do know that terrorist organizations have an interest in using drones. We've seen that oversees already with some growing frequency, and I think the expectation is coming year imminently Ray told a Senate committee hearing, it's only a matter of time before a terror organization are drug cartel employs drones in an attack inside the US, a new Leonard Skinner film can be released despite a dispute over the band's intentions after a federal appeals court. Ruling the decision came in a case involving a movie called street survivors, the true story of the Leonard Skinner plane crash. A lower court had ruled the film violated a blood oath made by band members, not to exploit the group's name after a nineteen seventy seven plane crash that killed its lead singer Ronnie Vance, but an appeals court yesterday reverse that decision an attorney for Cleopatra entertainment called the decision a victory for filmmakers artists journalist readers of yours in the marketplace of ideas that crash the most forty-one years to the day. Doc Tober twentieth. Nineteen seventy seven to you and your snapback about that that smell twenty three minutes now after the hour on.

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