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Hey folks breaking into comedy its messy it's hard it's intense it's the subject of the hbo comedy series crashing starring pete homes and executive produced by judd appetito crashing shows a realistic an honest depiction of starting out a comedy career in new york city season to of crashing his on sundays at ten thirty p pm only on hbo and all season one is available to stream on hbo get into it all right okay all right let's do this how are you what the parker is what the bucks buddies what the fuck next what's happening i'm mark merrin this is my podcast wto it's called welcome to it glad you here thanks for coming got a good show today i'm doing all and i'm trying to do this stuff that people do at the beginning of shows oh man what have we got four you today what a show and then as both to tell you what's on the show today on the show and then i'm going to say some names and frye and say and set him up properly from the movie lady bird and roseanne of course we have laurie metcalf is with us today on the show here in the garage c i can do that but lori is here and it was really an honor to speak to her because i think she's one of the greatest uh actress is we have at this juncture also before lorient endure will shorty with with my pow tom securer tom secure as year he's got new comedy special out.

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