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To speculate be a thorough report reuter the news related to the june twenty eight meeting between uh don donald trump in a matador kushner and to the kremlin connected lawyer uh but i i would agree to those seeing uh two two not could me wrapped up any time soon dude moving on to more serious matters and just to clarify jed does the existence of the grand jury indicate that moeller will be pursuing criminal charges of some kind but far more likely it it a grand jury is it necessary been a federal criminal investigation to get from an investigation to an indictment so it if enough of steps and it it does it mean that if automatic i don't think people should jump to the conclusion that a grand jury indictment lord coming anytime soon but you have to keep in mind that what the grand jury allows this very broad powers by a prosecutor there is no judge generated prosecutor the grand jury and witness or even in the room and that's all under oath not not only does this to the investigation past event now eddie one who appears before the grand jury is under oath and if they do things better inconsistent they are under new legal jeopardy so if there they're very powerful tool by a prosecutor who is moving toward moving along an investigation to move along much faster and having a dedicated grand jury put this particular investigation the thought of that the cool added disposal at any time at will have background he doesn't have to start over with every in your grand jury with that hearing motorcade or cave he has a grand jury that is devoted and will be up to date with each step of the investigation that's why that those coming up we're going to be talking more about the grand jury and also the concerns from democrats and republicans that trump might want to fire muller that's led to the introduction of two bills yes ride as the senate prepared to leave for its august break both of bipartisan and.

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