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For me to decide what I want to talk to you about. So that's, that's my challenge. Get your you really cover so much. So don't, don't. Fantastic. my mets anymore because we you know the anatomy of that we're in so barring kano sort of chipping and breaking his legs so that we don't have to pay him disabling i don't want to wish that thing but barring like you know a right or something where we don't have to pay that contract You know the worst he can't play second base anymore. So. stuck with them so maybe when we get the frazier 'cause frazier wellness and maybe somebody would like to veteran bat and solid glove maybe we should try and at third base where he doesn't have to move in so much energy see that as a possibility is could he played the position you've got a good arm let me just say this jack let's just say he could play third i doubt it belichick say he could play third now remember they moved on the mariners plan a little bit of i last year he didn't like that let's just say let's just say by some stroke of luck major league baseball decides to change the rule next year to the national league can adopt the d._a. so you have options you can vote third you could have them h. do you really want his bat i you know i hate the idea of and actually the h. personally and because i feel like you know the mets i mean one of the things we see guys like rank key ensures erin kershaw our mets pitchers is these guys are fantastic athletes and i feel like why penalise greatness by taking the battle their hands i i love the nationally game so i'd hate that so maybe we just gotta go jacoby ellsbury on the guy and just you know you just i don't know i i can't see another way out yeah but you're right there is no way out jack thanks for the call and that's why it's such a problem The. way down even if you add a d. h. in the national league and you can just do debate whether you like it or you don't know i'm a purist i don't like the idea of it but it's an unfair advantage of the american league is when it comes to building these teams the mets are built like an american league team a lot of the issues they have could i mean look they got so many issues that it's not going to be erased but i'll give you one example this year alone forget about news pants really had too many outfielders and all that stuff trying to find room for these guys dom smith would be your everyday first baseman pita lonzo would that's in now you have two pieces in the lineup you don't have to worry about they actually fit there you could put conforto in a corner outfield you have alonzo as the d. h. you have dom smith is the first baseman yu starting to build a little team the puzzle pieces actually fit better that way now the mets made the conoco deal with the idea that sometime soon there would be the luxury of the problem is and like you said you're gonna play him third base you wanna play medea h i bake you don't want us baton on his bats the bigger problem his gloves an issue the bad is the bigger problem and it's not going to get better over time it's only going to get worse there's no way out They're going to have to eat that. and there's four more years left the team just keeps wasting money if you had issues with the lack of spending to begin with them when they do actually spend it they have to hate taking a chance on a thirty six year old player who's used p._d.'s that's a bad bad bad bad risk to take not to mention giving a prospects form even worse eight seven seven three seven sixty six sixty six more your calls on the other side here's harris allen this report sponsored by two by london visit the engagement experts at americana manhasset east hampton and westfield world trade center the new major league mark by hitting a home run in twenty eight consecutive games they got their last night with no suspense d._j. aaron judge had back to back jackson at the bottom of the first and the bombers will not to defeat the blue jays for three labor torres went deep in the second his nineteenth edwin encarnacion hit is twenty fourth in the eighth four to two yanks chapman gave up one run in the night but held on for his twenty-third save judge those lemay who was spin a godsend for the yankees Guys. m._v._p. being atop the lineup doesn't matter if he's playing first second short you could play out four outfield for us to but mendez comes here and he works as a day You know, leader and competitor you wanna play with every single day. the yankees use chad green is the opener in this one he worked at hitless first ending next cortes junior followed and the w allowing two runs over four and a third giancarlo stanton came out of this game with a knee contusion he'll have an m._r._i. yankees try for a sweep of the three game series wednesday afternoon we'll have it on the fan coverage starting at twelve twenty five down the turnpike walker lock at the starter for the mets held the phillies to two runs over the first five innings remained on the mound to start the sixth he got the hook with two on and one out wilmer font replaced him allowed a couple of runs to score on a groundout at an infield hit and then the big knock of the night mike l. franco for a second straight game hitting the homer that put his team ahead to stay brad miller also took deep making it a five run uprising the phillies with a seven two five victory jake arrieta gets the w. though he gave up five runs over six innings the mets with solo long balls for i'm ed rosario dominic smith jeff mcneil went four for five with an r._b._i. and a run store jackie the scoreboard they're all finals down into league action the angels down the reds five to one the marriages over the brewers eight two three seven cardinals three the astros handled the pirates five to one and it was the padres eight at three over the orioles manny machado returned to camden yards he homered and drove in a couple american league the raise lots of the twins nine four red sox double that the white sox six three royals eight indian six rangers five to three over the tigers national league the braves edged the cubs three to next shares or the national salvage the marlins six to one the dodgers trimmed the diamondbacks three too and the giants picked off the rocky sports to women's world cup soccer two more teams advancing to the quarter-finals italy over china to nil the netherlands beach pan to one with reports every twenty minutes i'm harris allen w._f._a._n. twenty twenty sports this is joe beningo join me evan roberts today a big show for you on a wednesday now we'll be on till twelve thirty because we're gonna take you right out the yankees radium is the yankees we'll wrap up their three-game series which toronto blue jays we also have the yankee turning point that a game contest and also of course talking about the mess that's the new york mets right now we'll also talk n._b._a. free agency taking your right up to yankee baseball but in going roberts ten to one on the fan sports radio one zero one nine f._m. and sports radio sixty six w._f._a._n. and w._f._a._n. f._m. new york eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six alicata back on the fan tony page coming up to i didn't see this until producer fleet just alerted me maybe a half hour ago whatever maybe that i don't know if this is from yesterday i honestly don't even know what the dates are anymore i live my life not even knowing the dates anymore yeah today's the twenty six yeah so yesterday i guess it was well although in the same day yesterday's kind of today but because it's now after midnight it's kinda tomorrow i'm so confused by the calendar by the dates whatever the case may be there was a report yesterday from our own chris moore who said the yanks or target luis castillo of the reds moore was hearing and i mean why wouldn't they be targeting lewis casteel the question is why the hell the reds make him valuable twenty six years old he's only control for several more years as more says through two thousand twenty three he has been look he's the best pitcher or at least one of the best pictures that i've seen this year certainly from an opponent standpoint when he was taking on the mets i mean he's been as good as you could be hard to believe the marlins give them away for danish really i mean you talk about they traded him who did he he's been traded producer fleas he's been treated twenty was traded twice within a year the mon- trade into the padres in two thousand sixteen you remember they trade if collin raye and he got hurt okay no player had to be returned to the marlins steel so they traded him got him back they got a mulligan and they then traded him again to the reg with other guys for dance drill even worse they get the most awful trades with them all my goodness for danish really they gave up this young study has been terrific Riddick. Now again, he's twenty six years old. this year alone when you watch he's doing with cincinnati forget the win loss seventy two but a two point five six the guys just been dominating let me get tremendous control One hundred nine strikeouts. Forty nine walks. i mean he's been i just remember watching him producer flees the mets this year he's been i mean you pay attention to him as a fantasy guy is he like a big i'm assuming a guy who had him last year when people say oh watch this kid break out i was on a year too early and yeah this is the breakout he kind of reminded me of young johnny cueto when he broke out with the red that's custodio was just dominant so the question is okay maybe the yanks are interested in yeah the have a ton to offer why would the reds ever consider giving them up i don't know in the register team that we've seen there will they work close to five hundred a couple of days ago there in a little strong losing streak again but they have a lot of young town this is a team that we're being told wants to take that next step and compete next year with guys like casteel i mean i can't even imagine date probably ask for in the eighties would never do it they probably kashmir calls asking for custodio they probably say okay we won't labor i don't know what you could give up to convince the reg to trade in ace who's under control for four years beyond this one right in the yanks and obviously i mean it sounds like labor would be untouchable in any deal but why obviously shouldn't do that but at the reds i don't know i don't know if prospects including frazier in florida what that really does for them how would the right how would they get equal value back for that how are you to let you say you do get gleyber torres and a couple of the prospects i mean maybe they get torres intermingle hormone replacing casteel in that rotation i don't think so i mean that's the thing how do you replace a guy like that you have a young stud you gotta keep him and that's the team that has tanner roark sunny gray they have a lot of guys who were a little bit older not nearly as good casteel there once stood there as i can't imagine that they're trading yeah i mean look he i know i've watched every start but when i saw him against the mets you know you watch you know watch whatever the opponents are and see what players jump out at you clearly to me paddock from san diego and custodio with the two best pitchers i've seen this year opponent was against the mets eye-opening stuff wow we'll get this guy this guy come from he came from the marlins they traded him twice as producer fleas points out the ted is a the trade his bed ted is in washington what's up ted Listen, I'm optimist. I know you might not want to hear that. later managed but like with calloway and he was the manager the indians when they won twenty games in a row and i think the guy knows pitching some credit with last year cy young winner did help these pitchers the problem with getting rid of him it's been shown that whoever they hire is going to have to the guy that takes the lineup from somebody else Utilize and. fuck show walter that might now fly but you know stuck with pinot i mean honestly i think that the nationally has to go to And I'll tell you why. Because these pitchers. hold on a second let's let's separate the two points on one man you're saying callaway knows what he's doing with the patriots right that's your first point history shows that yeah no it doesn't it is a matter of fact that shows the exact opposite what does mickey callaway don't what you believe you're saying he should take credit for jacob degrom cy young season I think he deserves some credit. Yeah. Well, how about how about Zack Wheeler? Came back from an arm injury. No, he was. Tremendous last year. And what about this year?.

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