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An ea or a two k to head kinda even though they were both in the game they had really wrapped up exclusive rights. So you had lots of options when it came to. Nba games in nfl games But the two big ones that have come out of it and survived quote unquote because nba live isn't around right now is ea. Sports is nba live series of course the Nba two k. series. Right the the i'm is. Nba lives. It's still a thing that they did not release one this year on what they're going to release another one or not they. They can't compete. They are not getting the sales they want because to k. has just out perform them as a product brent for so long like they don't know how to catch up her but so i remember the two d. ones are like super nintendo and sega genesis. I didn't play those so much. But once i got a playstation and they had the like courts that looked like the courts in real life i loved it and then i bought the three d. one and i like that you could the names on the back of jerseys that blew me away it blew me Blew me away when you trade someone to another team they would have jersey. That said shawn kemp on the back or whatever and i just thought that was so cool that the game could do that. You know A little bit of fan trivia. Here i had a pair of sean. Kim sneakers when i think i was like eleven twelve years old. I had the hawkins who was the small ford for the sonics in their heyday. I had issues feel muscle balls. The i think. I think the sean kemp. She had a reebok But yeah i believe yeah. But they were or so like crazy. I remember this shack ones. Yeah no i'll shacks the sneakers back in the nineties. Were were just crazy monstrous. It was fashion wise. It was it was it was insane. Banou is the so win win. Su- nba live.

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