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Brain state rep fatty fruits that you could live on and you remember pain here the before yes i do i wealth how can you forget this my though no i don't have any idea how you do that it would be very embarrassing if someone were to forget being here and asia a young lady in cheer last time you'll hear neighbors laura sullivan in in she showed you some sketches that she was doing wonderful and now she's written a book on it you can she wa jal autograph honoured and delighted a ugo racier wonderful he is jason mraz he will be back of you you've ever amid did you know rob thomas before you met him here yes intuitive yang of all you people i hang out together right near they put us in green rooms and we have to get along japan of force it yeah it's like play dates like here we're going to play together free school chamion little room let's say with them is jason mraz he will be bag is going to take a quick break and renovate a little bit and he'll be back on stage in a few minutes and is going to do something with rob today what i have no idea but their friends they will perform and i'm sure i'm sure that the other got his saxophone men will be up there to thank adjacent great job meant negative we appreciate you so much coming out today it's wonderful the heavier eight fifty five at cbs fm a quick break one more plug for our leaderboard here and you can call it and make the donation so power of the like fifteen thousand dollars and it it gets real hectic between nine and ten but tonight we're going to keep it up.

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