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Hey guys coming thursday march 1st to nbc the national broadcasting company as its colloquially known it's the outrageous new comedy ap bio or advanced placement biology as it's more colloquially known fun packed i don't know what that word means anyways ap bio stars glenn howard tim from always sunny patten oswald from the most recent patten house won't stand up special the critics are already calling a p bile laugh out loud funny which critics don't worry about it just the critics are calling it that it is from executive producer seth meyer's more michaels so i'm gonna trust the critics on this one that is a comedy murderers' row as well as the cast you'd be a full to miss the premier of ap bio that is thursday march 1st on nbc the and streaming now on the nbc app location and we are back and you know just to go out on something a little bit lighter we want to talk about the bachelor which is a show i don't really watch uh but anna to produce and hose need does and it was only reason i bring this up because there's a new book uh by an la times irony made me kaufman called bachelor nation inside the world of america's favorite guilty pleasure ah and one of the the thing that everyone was talking about today is that how basically so many people on the bachelor hevert these uh and not that so many people have herpes but when you go on the bachelor you have to get your std screenings correct and of the most common thing that disqualifies a purse from getting on the show is that they have stds i am particularly herpes is that correct thank you for having me mouse attack thank you so much for coming so yeah courting to the ebook by me kaufman when you are going through the audition process to get onto the bachelor you have to submit all this stuff you have sent meant like 15 photos of yourself you have to submit a well whip video of yourself talking about all this stuff yeah that's eight one of.

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