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I'm Mark minner. Now are PNC Bank brigade coaches conversation coach getting set to take on the Seton Hall pirates. First of a three game road trip for the BULLDOGS in an impressive victory against the Creighton Bluejays on Saturday when you look back at that game team came out set the tone from the beginning. Creighton never got the lead in the game made an adjustment in the starting lineup. But it seemed like everybody whether they were in the starting lineup are off the bench responded. Well, yeah, now is a great team effort. And I think that was the thing that really stood out. You know after the game was everybody that was in about a uniform at a positive contribution, in some way, shape or form. And so as you go down this journey season. That's what you're trying to do is just play your best basketball. When you look at the match up tonight against the Seton Hall pirates team that has a new look he does seniors of Dongguan, oh and Carrington and Rodriguez, and so no go no longer part, but miles Powell a huge piece of their equation. In this year. He he's you know, I made unbelievable strides as a complete player everybody. He had a reputation as a suitor you had to get to him. But last year, you know, he's a fourth or fifth option with those guys. But now he's definitely number one option on the list, but they've got a ton of other guys to complimenting with McKnight stepping in as a transfer miles kills taken a job and notorious Thompson the transfer off the bench. And so it'll be a challenge coming off of a loss. Asom the mentality has to be right heading into this one one of those guys that you saw great performance season, high twenty eight from Kamar Baldwin, and that's one of those guys that when you go to these road atmospheres galley Kamara first team selection can be a big piece of success. Well as been there, you know, as as third go round in the big east. And so it's not foreign to to Kamar is not foreign to Henry and shot a navy guys that have been around and been on these venues before terms of biggies row games and now. Yeah, you just got come up with the same level of intensity and focus. You know that we had last game, and and understanding is forty minute games. And so they're they're probably gonna throw a punch and we've got to be ready to punch back. Then you gotta keep your keep your focus throughout the course of forty minutes. And just real quick you mentioned Nate Fowler and came off the bench and a couple of big shots in that game. And he loved to see that Jorgensen and Fowler coming off the bench and really just adding and and really adding to the energy inside the building and really made it difficult. Native specially for Creighton to get into rhythm on the perimeter with your team switching. Yeah. I thought you know, Joey and Henry handled it well, and and in terms of being in the starting lineup and getting off goodness off to a good start the pollen and pollinate and Jordan Christian off the bench came in. And and and definitely capita the level or even raise the level at times when they checked into the game. And so we'll need all of them tonight. It'll be a tough task but will need everybody to step up to the challenge. Thanks a lot. That's Lavalle Jordan head coach for the Butler BULLDOGS. They get sent to take on the Seton Hall pirates here in Newark, New Jersey this evening that was her PNC Bank. Coach's corner conversation. More of the champion heating and cooling pre game show when we continue on the PNC bother radio network from learfield. Sports.

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