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We've got Kyle Ricky and Dan Hubbard on pit road. Winston Kelly Steve post and Dylan Welsh and Alex Satan? So far it is a day. That has belonged to Kyle Busch. The best of the best so far well without question. Kyle Busch has been able to put his racecar anywhere. He wants at that camera. Green and white by the way, Patrick's Day interstate batteries emblazoned on it. He can run to the bottom. You can run the middle. He can run lane four he can run lane five if he wants to cow Bush here in southern California is probably the only guy that can make. Time out here on the freeways out here. And that's how good he is in that cameras. He works the backstretch llegado a second. Ryan Blaney third. Fourth. Is Brad Keselowski? Eric Jones spit. Eric L Merola six. Kevin Harvick seven Kurt Busch. Eight Alex Bowman night and Jimmy Johnson ten and while you were saying that Kyle Busch was so good in that Toyota. It brought a big smile to our guest here in the booth. And that's my child's the motor sports marketing manager for Toyota, and Kyle has brought you a lot of smiles over the years has he not here. We're hoping for the two hundred smile today. He's focused on winning has to her career NASCAR Lynn. It's great to have Kyle on board the interstate Camry today and looking forward to hopefully win. Let's talk about that. We don't want to do it in jinks. But how big would it be for Toyota? You your entire team along with your partnership with Joe Gibbs if he can go on get the victory. Go back Tabacchi one a week ago win here today in southern California and notch number two hundred. It would be a huge win not only for our toilets on the track. But for TR here in southern California being based in Costa Mesa it's her fortieth year racing. They have a lot of history in winning specifically this year winning and Daytona five hundred but winning it. Indeed. In Rolex twenty four the Brickyard hikes peak hill climb in you name, the kind of racing TRT has been involved in it and they've gotten this over a thousand minutes, you're talking about the engines from TR data Costa Mesa. It's always amazed me how the company out here in California. So far removed from North Carolina. All the other engine builders are located can.

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