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And we're buddy Holly looked like the producer. Yeah. And he'd just hit hit an incredible mind for producing he was doing things in a recording studio back then that people marvel at today who who's the one who actually flip the coin between also and Ritchie Valens. Well, there's dozens of people claim they flipped it all the evidence points at Tommy also Dion from the dome is just a couple of years ago came out and said, well, no, I'm the one that's flip the coin. Bob HALE, the coin should be in a museum somewhere while the coin is. Tommy owned as saloon call. The coin flip saloon. Yeah. Yeah. If he had it for years and the coin was was framed. And at least he said that was the coin on the wall. Let's go. In Tucson, Arizona. Hi, isaiah. Morning. Good morning. You're just also as well. It's. Coasttocoastam about four five months from the first night. I was hooked completely sold. And thank you so much for those intriguing informative in over great programs. I have a common question number one. How music has totally changed and not necessarily in a good way. Those times were so exciting days of the words, the music rhythm themselves were just extrordinary my personal opinion. But in the movie, LA Bamba, also I wanted to know by any chance it changed at Mr. Ritchie valley had like a dreams or premonitions that he was going to die in a plane crash. I believe that that's also indicated in the mobile Alabama. Is there any information with regards to that has anybody elaborated more with regards to that specific situation because according to what should have seen like he was somewhat scared because she had dreams and had a certain scenes. Like that something was going to happen. Twin was not going to live for long time. So I wanted to see what your guest has an information about that worship informed in the book as well. You know, it's it's it's interesting for guy who supposedly head premonitions dying plane crash he begged to be on that plane. And so it wasn't that. He didn't want to be on the plane. He you know, he he was begging to be on the plane. I've got a nobody of information that I have gathered two years in the end, according to the notebook their accounts of everybody involved having premonitions of this plane crash, and and and I doubt validity of most of it. I do believe in premonitions, but Richie if he had that premonition he fought pretty hard to get on that airplane. So I don't know do, you know, by the way, the name Lebombo really has to do with the name of a dance. Yes. In those days. Yeah. The song LA Bamba is a traditional kind of Mexican folks on kids kids sing it when they're little. Yes. And he just be brought it to the US radio and it just took off like a rocket ship. Oh, yeah. And others have done it since in. But nobody nobody does it like Richie had he been in any movies at the time. Where he was too young for that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He was just really just starting to get going. Yep. When did the Beatles? Hit it in the mid early sixties. Right. Yeah. I think what was it sixty three that they they came to New York. I think so they came after Valentine's at all ready past. And you know, that's the interesting thing that I interviewed Don McLean for my book. Hey, buddy. And you know, he talked about the fact that people. You know, proclaimed this British invasion, and he said, you know, there really wasn't a British invasion. They said, even the Beatles. He's a John Lennon stated that they were shocked when they arrived United States. Find people were saying this is this new kind of music coming from England. And he said he said people had already forgotten buddy. He said all we were doing recreating, buddy. And we brought it back to the United States. He says it wasn't a British invasion. He said it was the reinvasion of buddy..

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