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On four c. Seventeen flights and get it to you in twelve hours. Why wasn't there a patriot. Missile battery there. I mean we pour billions thing since i relied on a to protect me and it only was fifty fifty at the time. Even though the the media image and ninety one was that the patriots were were swatting all of saddam's scuds. But yeah plenty of got plenty of them but the joke in saudi arabia. If you don't know this most of the hard work and medical work and all that done by foreign citizens called ex patriots so the joke was at the only thing that worked in saudi arabia where patriots and expatriate see get at patriot missile. But anyway you know thirty years later. Yeah the patriot. Missile is different bird. It might look the same on the outside. But it's very effective. And if the iranians shoot fourteen ballistic missiles issued twenty-eight patriots or maybe maybe try fifty six but it was just it cleared nothing up for me and it just made me wonder what is it. They're trying to conceal. I also got the feeling that a sixty minutes made that out to be like the most serious incident of the use of ballistic missiles. And i was waiting for them to mention ninety. Eight permian ninety one. Twenty eight army reserves were killed by a single scud missile in a warehouse in dhahran saudi arabia because the patriots didn't work every time. Now they do work far better but they did work half the time then even then if only fifty percent of those missiles were shut down only seven would have hit all of a sudden but just to me. It was as they say. In in soccer was an own-goal it was a necessary and really cumbersome weird elaboration of something that fell apart within forty eight hours on twitter and online amongst experts. So now we're just trying to figure out why who what staff puke gave him that crappy story. We'll be back right after this. It is darcy replace. Brian suits in here until eleven. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app..

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