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Hey, I'm Rhonda data on Romney Bluey. And this is through line from NPR. So a couple of months ago, you might remember. We did an episode on house speaker Nancy Pelosi. We wanted to understand how she's become one of the most powerful and polarizing figures in American politics, kind of, like her equivalent in the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell while we were reporting about Pelosi our friends at embedded were working on a deep history about McConnell. They just put out there, I episode in the series and it's awesome. So we wanted to share it with you here. It is. Hey, I'm Kelly mcevers in America, mental, and this is embedded Alec McGillis, who's a journalist, York's propublica and he usually has a nose for really, really compelling stories which is why when talking with him about a book. He wrote a few years back. I had ask, what were people's reactions when he told me we're working on this. Concern. Puzzlement really doing while you're doing a book on on metro Connell..

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