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J Let's jump right in Austin Mayor Steve and where he warrants we could be just days away from moving into even more strict covert regulations. Then if that doesn't work week or two later, not very far off, we could be looking at taking war. Drastic action which none of us want to take. I don't know what that more drastic action would look like. You want to keep our schools open. We want to keep open businesses as much as we can. Do you think that a hi tech city he could improve the Audio quality of what he's saying to the people, right? Well, he says that people are really concerned about helping businesses stay open. They need to wear a mask. We are wearing a mass mayor. What? We're not at the place yet where we have hit the trigger requiring the real drastic action, But we could be just a few days away from moving toe orange. This the end of the world is near. I sounds giddy. Yeah, he does. He sounds like he's in a good mood. It makes him happy. I really truly feel that I really really do. Yeah, I think as long as they can keep their thumb on us and, you know, feel like that they're controlling our day to day moves. They're in a good place. It feels that way. Feels very passive Aggressive traffic is up. I see a lot of busy restaurants. I see a lot of it appears there's just two different worlds out there. The one that the mayor wants you to think you're living in and then the one we actually see when we go out and about and go to H E B and go to Costco and go to restaurants and you People haven't having a good time with the friends and family. I know and the fact that he's not being specific as far as what that might be A Zafar is more restrictions. Now he knows, you know that's what we had before. Eliminating capacity making you stay home. That's my mind. That's my God. Hey, drops capacity of restaurants again, you'll see many more just disappear. In fact, we have lost another. During this pandemic, A very popular restaurant in Georgetown is joining many others in central Texas. They have closed because of covert 19. It's called the Red Poppy Cafe. Don't release a Hofstra tells Fox seven. Ooh, She's very angry at the media, you know, believing it's constant focus on death and other negatives. You know to be the big reason that people have been so.

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