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A technology advisor for the Orange County sheriff's department he tells can connects it's not a nerd job. But rather a competition, and I think that's starting to become exciting to some people that are actually participating in a a. Form of warfare form of competition that that could be quite interesting in a lot more interesting than most jobs McDonald, also says it pays well often in the six figure range cybersecurity ventures. Estimates cybercrime will cost the world. Six trillion dollars a year by twenty twenty one. There's a local congresswoman pushing for a new Bill that would lower prescription drug costs Monterey park democrat Judy CHU. Cited a house reports that found thousands of uninsured people in her district with diabetes. They pay twenty three times more for a type of insulin than people in Australia. Spoke about the fact that actually influences so much cheaper in Mexico and Canada that now there are a group of people and and social media group that that all go down to Mexico together by the drugs there on mass because there are reports the Trump administration is in talks with the house speaker Nancy Pelosi about a new prescription drug Bill to lower costs. There has been growing concerned within the US food and Drug administration about a series of food poisoning outbreaks involving Romain lettuce in emails to colleagues obtained through a public records. Request one senior FDA official says the industry needed to change how it tests water used to grow leafy greens. The FDA says since those emails were written the agency has been working with growers to improve safety and our eye in the sky is checking out a crash on the fifty seven in diamond bar. That's coming up in less than four minutes at four forty five. It's four forty one is my here for cutting dental number one for the permanent teeth today procedure, so loosen missing and damaged teeth. They're gone and fast. You get back to how things are supposed to be no more worrying about people seeing your smile. No more embarrassments just a big boost in confidence right away because you'll be looking and feeling better than ever happier. Healthier bad teeth can cause all sorts of problems do not wait for that to happen. Go to cunning. They're the pros. They have been in business fifty years, and it's a family business that I feel good and people have flown in from other states because cutting is that good at what.

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