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That evolution of like grunge into something that was more palatable to everybody, you know more widely appreciated and whatever that music is it still got kind of that raw like dog You can see like the the long hair shaking back and forth beating on the drums and the sweat flying off. You can still feel that but it's a little more restrained. Yeah. yeah, I mean, I think that like, you know so much of the music that I think is adjacent to this gets categorized just in D but it's like a you know independent I can literally be anything but then there is that element that is the best way to describe it because like when I listen to Rilo Kiley like it has elements of like I don't know like the Beach Boys like there's something very like I'm old-school palatable rock and roll about it, but then it definitely has some experimental elements definitely has some pop sensibilities definitely drifts into grunge territory, you know different albums, maybe some like Punk territory and I like that like music that doesn't like I get bored when a band does the same thing on every song over and over again the bands I typically like or ones that do have that kind of That breadth of you know different things to offer. I mean it had like even on this album like, you know, the singer switches up. It's usually Jenny Lewis, but they're a couple songs that the other than the the guy I think his name, but he he writes his along with Jenny Lewis and like I it's it's always kind of jarring to me when one of his songs come on, but I also appreciate that they have that like varicose veins you mix it up that so I know there were a lot of other projects that the people involved in the band. Did like different bands that sort of I don't want to say split off. I was trying to read about the history of them to try get a feel for like where did they go?.

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