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Know yeah right i know but it was like in the time and i don't know where you know you always seem to be famous since i've known of heard about you like it wasn't that time where we're gonna pay five hundred dollars things yeah i'm living out about the gig i just saw dishes for you know in the millions of additions he went out and i decided should fortin god and so that taught you to always speak up whenever you feeling uncomfortable that's the only time i speak up is this like an and i tried to like you you wanna be a team player a lot of the times but there are other people i've watched really freak out i've never i've never had a freakout oh you don't have to name any names but so what were their freak outs like like crazy like like you know fade dunaway mommy dearest freak out as you know i have seen i think the biggest what what is funny about a freakout is it's win were interesting to listen to christian bale go off on right yeah you're not there but then when it's happening in front of you it like worst thanksgiving dinner you 'cause like i'm uncomfortable i'm uncomfortable for them it's like you just want to shrink away and i and i had not seen anything to the level of christian bale which i think would be interesting but it it's too it's unnerving the storming off of a set is unnerving the the most energy ever saw was we had the who's that girl from the hills shrink adriaan spite spa spencer heidi montag gebo my gosh there's some stories of well we had one we had to like lauren conrad on our show i believe on the league and there is such a crazy amount of 'paparazzi a that that was the only time i've seen people like freak out because it was a free yeah i guess because they spend yeah it was like a little bit yeah it was like i think she had her baby right not really wanted to ride ab got that's the other thing yeah it's a crazy time it's crazy so that's when the production ppo guy out there which i i i know i brought it up and i wish i said a better free gotta have a lot more like backstabbing freak out so we i worked on a show one time where we yeah like it's all under the much under the rug but your yeah out to that person because there's a chain of command like you know i with my team you know the people close to me i will speak very freely we have the term called under the cone of silence there's not gonna be anybody running and telling things and then i'll have them diplomatically go and say we don't want to do this you don't want to do that that's professional that's what you're supposed to know that's why i really appreciated that steve harvey letter every let's letter or don't talk to me in the hallway don't come in here like that was i thought like he got a lot of fun for that but that letter thought were you it's hard to explain to civilians who are not in show business how you know what behind the scenes is and that there are certain he can't be mister nice guy all the time he's on camera you know smiling smiling and then people will take advantage of that stance so in fact there's a famous joan crawford letter writer that everyone listening should go online and look up it's the joan crawford pepsi cola writer where she basically doesn't same thing she says stuff it says stuff like when you greet these for the people backstage handling her right when you greet miss crawford do not tell her how beautiful she is do not tell her how much you love her miss crawford is a star in the highest magnitude and she knows it so she's here to work so please get do your jarreds is not about you it's that kind of thing but most people you know most people can't really understand great you're married to someone in the business who absolutely understand yeah yeah yeah now we're gonna take a break we're and we're going to bring a jd y'all back and we're going to talk to you guys together all right after this little break all right all right michelle i cannot wait to hear what you cook.

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