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The russians this was we don't believe anything that comes from the russians unless it's the trump dossier and then that's true all of this negative propaganda campaign coming from the russians about buying ads on facebook for trump against trump for hillary against hillary four bernie against him bernie all of this is looked at as the russians trying to influence the election but feeding information that went into a dossier that hillary clinton paid millions of dollars for is not seen as meddling in the election this is the this is the elephant in the room folks we're looking for the russians trying to influence the election look no further than the steele dossier that's what they were trying to do they floated this out there through the steel guy this steel guide fusion gps involved in all of this stuff hillary clinton pays millions of dollars through her lawyer and the democrat campaign and then they tried to disseminate this bovines scatology with the press and it doesn't really take because what happens was the press knew all about it it had been around for several months and they thought it was so ridiculous that they were afraid to report it because they'd look like idiots so what happened well this is the way the scenario in some people's minds went down brenner gets komi to briefed trump on it now here to four this whole thing had been looked at as a bunch of poppycock but once brenner was able to convince call me to tell trump about this dossier then they leak that little fact and now that in and of itself becomes a new story and so when that's a new story that komi briefed trump on a dossier then you've got to talk about the dossier then you're once removed from the dossier as far as it being unbelievable or not credible but you can throw it out there so they throw it out there cnn of course they get tipped off that the trump has been briefed on the dossier and jake tapper goes to air with it and says the president's been been briefed on some dossier that says there was a there were misdealings with the russians and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and then buzzfeed prints the whole thing they were looking for some way to legitimize making this.

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