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Yeah. Yeah. It's a tradition. Yeah. Yeah. Of course, I watch it. Every neighbor isn't good enough? Come on that's dying industry. That's what can Pelosi said. She's like you can write it down. If you want or give it in the Oval Office. Oh, yeah. So funny care, right? This piss Trump off and he retaliated by not providing a government plane for her and a contingency of staffers to visit a war zone Afghantistan. I believe saying that is it Afghanstan. It was Afghantistan. And then the head of mandatory soften, Brussels. But he wanted to list that out as if it was a destination in itself. Yeah. So Afghanistan and couple of other spots couple of stops. They have to make this destination wedding. No warzone. And you're not supposed to say that people are going because he was like, you can take a commercial jet. If you like, well, she can't now because it's out the public that this contingency of very high level people are going to a war zone. So now, you can't write Uber dumb piece of shit. And that was his little. We will I'm taking your plane way, he so petty, and then oddly, though, immediately he left Malania us the government plane and staff to fly tomorrow Lago, even though the government shutdown. So what's your excuse there, sir? Oh, he's such a baby hurt to calm, sir. Telling them Bill, right? Even if it is patronizing. Piddle stank on it city after the fart noises. It's good Thursday nasty ripka was arrested manhandled in Moscow after being promised safe passage to Belarus after being released from the top prison that she was in for the last many months Angeles will have that for us later in the show moving onto Thursday. When we learned that the law firm scadden Arp slate Meagher and Flom let me do that again scadden Arp slate Meagher and Flom I just love saying it, I did an episode forty six to they agreed to pay a settlement of four point five million dollars in a case tied to Manafort, if you remember from episode forty six go back have a listen, we reported that Greg Craig he's a democrat. He's a lobbyist in. He could be under criminal investigation for lobbying on behalf of Ukraine without registering under the registration act Farah and he worked for scouting. And you'll also recognize the scout in law firm as the one that Vander swan whose father in law is Herman German Gherman con of Alpha-bank fame. He asked Skadden to write that whitewash report about Yuna kovic is opponent Timoshenko in a kovic is the guy Manafort worked for as you know. And as a part of the settlement scout, and we'll have to retroactively register as a foreign agent. They're getting really good at retroactively registering foreign agents, just everyone will side, and Greg Craig a democrat, I will support prosecuting Democrats who violate the law. Definitely that's what sets us apart. From GOP GOP coming around a little bit to be fair. That's true slowly with the nationalist stuff. Yeah. Yeah. So so they have to pay four point five million dollars in restitution, which is nothing for a firm that makes two point five billion dollars a year. We still don't know if they're gonna file criminal charges against Greg. Craig for his work at the firm. We'll find out I'll let you know. I'll cheers to anybody going down for breaking the law. Fuck great name though, Greg. Greg Craig gets green gator's good grappa. It's tongue-twister like my first book or something. Yeah. I like it because it's too first names. That's always fun, correct. Yeah. He say it so fast, Greg, Greg. Then a really rich story came out Thursday. But I know really weird stories Cohen paid a guy to rig drudge polls to make Trump seem more popular than he was in the lead up to the election or in the election lead up to the election. The weird part is that he paid this guy thirteen thousand dollars in cash along with a boxing glove signed by some m a guy, and he handed it all over in a blue WalMart bag. This is the level of class, we're dealing with you probably wearing plaid jacket. It's probably I'm just cigar out on the stoop with the fellas handover this WalMart bag shops at WalMart..

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