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You know, Getting the weather here has been just goofy here the last week for sure. Yeah, no question about it. You mean Monday was awful Was that Monday when everything came in or is that Tuesday? I forget. It seems like it's been a long time. Seems like it was a month ago now. Yeah, but Mork coming in Monday and there saying bad, bad stuff. Well, let's talk to our weather expert about it. Yeah. Quote unquote, our good friend Frank Marr. Zulu Fox. 19. Yes, Yes, Yes. So you text me yesterday, though, and said This is looking grim here. For what? Sunday Monday Tuesday. Yeah, And now there's a well Let me let me stress son, because I know it's a big Valentine's Day Day. Sunday is gonna be okay. They'll be late night time nights. I know right now. Especially all these restaurants. They don't want anybody canceling reservations, right? Everything going on. So, Yeah. You got dinner plans? You keep him. You're gonna be okay here, so Lot there. Get your drink on your food on. But anyway, So Sunday night, seven o'clock the Winter Storm Watch. You can go into effect. That does not mean write it. Seven disguise. They're gonna open up. But the watch will go into effect and that's where everybody Okay, I think is you get closer to midnight, and they're after. That's when the snow starts to fly, so it's going to come into full guys. So the first portion will be Monday morning so overnight, you know, really kicking up like dawn Monday morning. I'm probably going to about one o'clock Monday afternoon. Then we get a very good death all snow. I mean, that's a steady accumulating snow up. We get a little window of a break is what we're leaning towards Monday afternoon. Getting up into the 45 o'clock hour, but by late Monday evening It ramps right back up, So we're going to get some decent cell Cumulation first thing Monday at once it lets up. Don't think we're done with it because then getting into Monday night into Tuesday. And I'll tell you some of the highest amount I see. And I'm not saying we're gonna see this and in one model was pumping out 17 inches of stuff. I'm going with 69. I think we see 69 inches out of this. Um And I think its potential for anybody to see anywhere from a half a foot which every six toe up to it, But I wouldn't ride. We have one rule that out when your forecast 69 anything above that it's just Extra. I mean, 69 is shutting us down, Regardless, So the bottom line is this is going to be a significant snowfall and you know me over the years. I don't get all whatever I'll get over it. But he I'm not. You know, you might want to plan ahead. You might want to do the Kroger run. Okay here in the next day or so while things were quiet. What about the temperatures? Frank that that always is a tale because ever gonna melt away If it's cold, it's school. Sticking with this. Not is a in the past have had these little big blast and then, like, two days later, it's 45 degrees, right? That's the death. Does that look like to be the case? And if there are a little lesser amounts South. Annie's like Maysville, Georgetown when I mean lesser amount coming 65 inches, Not not that anything that seems about that's because on the Monday night section of this storm could be a little mixing in there a little ice on that because we meet in the upper levels just a little bit warmer. But again, I'm not too worked up on the any ice for us. I think this is gonna be just a A snow event again Monday night, a little bit the mixing, but the first portion of Monday all snow that little break and then it's coming in here, and I mean No, I'm not laughing that joking. There could be another thing later in the week next week, like Thursday, Friday. Yes, I'm not worried about Let's let's just worry about, you know. Worry about each one. You know, it's like going to counsel. You know it's deal of each problem as it comes on, you know that was trying was pretty big in my house and shut the blinds and not look outside for a while..

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