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Ease back to the upper twenty s to around thirty mid twenties to around thirty the week that follows for highs. I don't need this trouble. I just don't need. I know. I know I don't I don't Tom skilling. Brought to us by basements. I'm I at least we survived something. This is something we will talk about for a long time because I was just describing his to somebody who lives out of town about how what the color of the sky was here was different. Eerie experience something that we don't I certainly don't ever remember experience. I've been through this before. But I don't remember being out in it. I remember having this experience. But it is like the it's the light was different. The sound was different right Franken and. Visible properties to Arctic here. These very unique you get son dogs. You get light pillars Sasha the halos around the sun litter kind of prism colored. You get multiple what looks to be multiple sons on either side of the main disk of the sun in light pillars at night people who live out by O'Hare were telling me that the air traffic sounded much different tubes. The acoustics of the cold air different woman. Sound travels longer. Right. It does further. Yeah. I I had a woman who was of the university of Alaska in Fairbanks. And she was telling me that on these really cold mornings up there. She walked out of her dorm and tuna blocks away people were having a conversation. And she heard it like they were standing right next to her. Yeah. Now up there, you have a temperature inversion that was helping that along to. But that's that's pretty interesting stuff. We were fifty one was fifty one Bill that we wound up with ours below zero fifty two hours consecutively blows your of x the fourth longest. Of sub zero days. Yeah. On the books around here. And it was also the we finished the last week and Janury is the coldest last week in January. Thanks to they cold spell that. We've had and that was coming off a winter that it started tonight ten mile. So quite interesting. It was something and the pictures that are coming out of it. Now, I the again, I'm getting calls from people all over the country. Like my God what happened? And I'm like, well the picture as we've now learned the picture sometimes can exaggerate the effect. But there was some amazing. He's gigantic snow ice blocks on the beaches, and then the water smoking behind it, and then the beautiful, and that's the thing about the skyline of Chicago. Which is now in this massive change. We are this is the biggest this ten year period is the largest change. Stuck in in in the history and history of the skyline. Cincinnati. Says I started feeling all those buildings believe. And when you see what this is gonna look like at the end of next year when the final ones are are incomplete. It's they're pretty spectacular. The ones that have gone up along the river at the transformation there is just it's it's phenomenal. It's gorgeous. And in our lakefront Burnham had the right idea. You know, he's he envisioned all this is just stunning are lakefront. There aren't any cities. They can quite pair with that era. Come even close. It's it's amazing. That's one of the pieces of this that, you know, we talk about Chicago. We talk about it. And and, you know, thankfully, and I know that part of it was was weather related, but, but you know, we had the lowest number of shootings and murders in Chicago. Yes. Made in January January, you know as a singular month was was way down. Yes. But you also look at the amount of building and the amount of the the change in the city economically. This this city is getting a little bit smaller. But it is also other capita income's going up. There is you know, there are business opportunities. You see neighborhoods that once were either. There was nothing going on. They were they were industrial or they, you know, they've been cleared out. There's residences in restaurants and all kinds of stuff. It's really pretty amazing. It is amazing. I I live up in the edge water neighborhood. And we're course, we're right near Andersonville right next to them. And you know, what happened in the Andersonville is always a big story is happening now on Edgewater and look at the Wrigley. Bill mayhood. Donning gel in the nineties. Yeah. And I it was it was really a neighborhood. And we would you know, we'd like, you know, my daughter was young and we were walking around and trying to figure out where we were going to go get something to eat. And it was a whole lot of you could either have the Swedish pancake or you could have a full awful. To options. Right. And now you've got I cannot believe nightlife that is up there. Yeah. The restaurants there's too I just want to a new restaurant right across the street from loyal, and it's lovely. We tried it out last weekend. And it was just nice. But all kinds of neat stuff is the Davis theater. Still there. You know, what the four hundred is gone. The of the four hundred the cross, and I don't know. And I should know that I don't. Used to go there growing up but Davis is in Lincoln square. I'm thinking across Malloy along west. There was Davis Davis three hundred four hundred. Don't worry about nothing. We got it. All fine. You got all worked out as planned? I was always wondering there is, you know, it's usually like fast food restaurants right there along that strip there. Then there's the theater, but now it sounds like there's something a little bit loyal campus is totally change. It's lovely what's going on on campuses is great too. I mean, it's just. They've they've really done some amazing building and expansion up there, and it really is all for the good. It's beautiful. Let's see when the economy is good. How great things can. Yeah. Like. Her either. Yeah. Well, that's true. But the, but they do have there's yeah, there's restaurants. There's amazing stuff. That's happening. Even in neighborhoods that you that people had no hope for ten years. Oh, there are parts of Englewood. They're being developed right now that are absolutely. I mean, it is shocking is stunning to people who drive through there. And there are parts of the southwest side east side. And it's and there are just look at the west side. You look at how development has has grown through the west side. You know, it used to be a no-man's-land skid row they used to call it. There was just nothing, but a liquor stores, and and in drunks was just put call what it is lying on the street on Madison between the river, and then Chicago Stadium now it's million dollar row homes and businesses and the whole west loop and everything, and it's it's great. It's it's quite interesting to watch the transformation. That's gonna no question. That's making me feel better about the fact that there's.

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