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And then the bullpen did not have Josh Hader on the back end. Instead hater was pitching in the eighth inning. And it was Jeremy Jeffers who came in to close out the game. And actually had the bases loaded with one out. I struck out. Yes. Monte GRANDE dole. And then struck out Brian dosier as you hear on the brewers radio network with Bob euchre before that Jeff levering the big blow for Orlando arsia able to give them a little bit of breathing room. And so the brewers do exactly what they need to do. They piece together another win, and they grab their homefield advantage back as for the dodgers. They have plenty of opportunities. The ninth inning wasn't the only time they left the basis loaded also happened in the second so eight guys left on base, and they were all for ten with. Runners in scoring position not to mention they've only had a couple of home runs in this series Machado, when of course Turner. But this is what the dodgers do. They hit home runs. They set a National League single season record for the number of home runs. A franchise record for home runs in a season. It's a little bit surprising that we haven't seen them other than like, I said the big blow for Justin Turner. That was huge right now, though, they're struggling to come up with those hits. I thought we had the right guys in those moments and we just didn't execute. So think we're over ten with runners score position and one part of this creating scoring opportunities. We had a second and third one out. We had a leadoff double. And we couldn't push them across Dave Roberts and the Los Angeles Dodgers now in two one whole with game four coming up later on today. I was gonna say this afternoon. It is six o'clock. So I guess for some on the west coast that will be a an afternoon start. But it's GIO Gonzalez on short rest against Richhill. So the dodgers are not going with Clayton Kershaw on short rest is his game four and before that you've got gained three between the Red Sox and the Astros now at minute maid park, Nathan of aldean Dallas kaikal looking forward to seeing these two teams pick up after they split the.

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