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School called peak or something. I tried out for the von kings. I tried out for the Toronto marlies, all those guys, and then get calls back. I tried going a shot at a couple times and make those teams. And RA mentioned, I went to LA and that was kind of like my last resort. I called teams in Colorado. I looked at prep schools. Gunnery and victory Honda in Detroit, honey bake, all those teams and just I never really got to call back, so I ended up just going to LA and things just kind of fell into place to be honest. Did that put you? I was just trying to ask to that, put a chip on your shoulder, all that rejection. Like, or are you just maybe a little bit? For me, for whatever reason, I just had it in my head that it was going to work out. I don't know what it was. I just knew that I'd get an opportunity at some point. I just have to make the most of it. And I think like a month into me being in LA, something went weird and Omaha where they had two starting goalies and they had the trade one and they called me and they're like, hey, do you want to finish the year here? Like you're going to be our backup, but if you want to come up, you can. I was like, I was 15 at the time. I was like, yeah, let's go. Let's do it. And things just kind of rolled from there. I was going to ask because to get all that rejection and then to move all right, go to LA, like I wondered, not too long after that, you're making the national development program. So maybe it was Omaha, maybe it was, it was even LA at the beginning before he went there, but there must have been a jump and there must have been a moment. You're like, holy shit, I'm like, I'm feeling like I'm really improving at a rapid pace. Is that the case? Yeah. So I think I tried out for because I didn't play both years at the development team. I got cut my first year. I was kind of in the mix. I didn't get invited to 40 men camp or any of those goalie cans were there making picks, but I heard my name kind of around and you know, I didn't get drafted into the dog. I didn't get drafted in the USHL. So I was like, holy man, I guess I'll just, you know, go to LA and the Omaha thing really just fell in my lap. I was so shocked, you know? I didn't get drafted. I didn't get protected. I was just like, hey, I'll play here and then I'll go to a couple camps, you know, next summer and see what happens. And you know that year in Omaha, that was when I kind of like, you know, really got my name out there and, you know, I played pretty well. You know, I didn't play a ton. I had Alex Lyon was my goalie partner. He's a stud at Yale. He's playing in the American League. Now, I think in Chicago this year, but that was the year where it was like, this is my chance. I gotta take advantage of this and, you know, I went from there to the U.S. team and then, you know, I accelerated my senior year high school and I went into BC your early. So everything kind of happened really quick once that first call came. Is it true that your parents did not want you going to the USHL at first? My mom was a little worried about it. My dad was, you know, my dad was a guy that obviously my mom was super in the mix with the hockey stuff, but she was more trying to develop me as a person and my dad was the hockey development side of things I guess you could say. So I had to make a decision like the day they called so I called my mom right away. I was like, hey, just let you know like I'm moving to Omaha tomorrow. And she was like, what the fuck do you mean? No, you're not. I'm going to become a farmer. Come to corn out there. So she was just like, we need to talk about this later. I was like, there is no later. I'm packing up. I'm on the next flight and the in the morning. So I was like, you can come out and visit me and a couple of weeks and see what it's all about. But that's where I'm gonna be tomorrow. So at that time, were you already 6 four? Had you grown a younger age? And then you kind of grew into your body or was there a late growth spurt? No, I was 6 four. I felt like when I was ten, I was always kind of long and lanky. And I was kind of the reason I wasn't too sharp as a kid. You know, growing up. I was just real awkward in the night. You know, it didn't move well. I had a little bit of the compete, the natural battle, like that kind of stuff, but there's no goalie coaching really into San Diego. You know, I would anytime I went to a tournament somewhere and my dad would kind of look up what the best goalie coach in that city was now get some bully coaching in between games or, you know, just to kind of see what it was like. I mean, there's not a ton of stuff going on in San Diego back when I was growing up. So it was kind of tougher to find the right path in that sense. You get any coaches that had like these wacky devices and shit kind of like golf balls. And of course, you know, my dad was super invested into it. You know, he's doing whatever he could to get me to the next step and he would take home everything that any goalie called again could barely try to escape in some cities and you know he's got all these strings attached to my helmet. He's like using like the white puck, the tin cup, the mini paws. Yeah. And then I get home and like right in the middle, like my dad ordered it online. I'm fucking sitting at home in a living room with my bucket on, like that's strange going like, you know, just doing wacky stuff just trying to figure it out, you know? That didn't actually drop out of high school and rolling like an independent study program so you can get more ice time. Yeah, that was, let's talk, man. I'll be honest. It was my freshman year of high school. I was trying to make the development team. And I think I played on, I was the backup on our 16 triple-A team that year in San Diego. And we only practiced Tuesday, Thursdays, and then we play on the weekend, but, you know, I was playing maybe once a weekend and getting two practices, and so I was like, that's not enough if I'm gonna try and make the U.S. team. So I dropped out of public school and I went to an independent study program up by the rink. And so I would go to school in the morning from like 8 to ten, I'd get on the public bus, go to the rink and skate for a couple hours with like the beer league guys, you know, like the stick times or whatever, get back on the bus and go back to school and then go back on the bus and go back to the rink for practice. So it was just like, you know, especially a young freshman in high school. I was kind of right in those adolescent years and I spent a lot of days just kind of by myself on the bus or at the rank and just trying to get some extra ice time and then I went to the tryout and got cut, so all right, I didn't even get called for the tryouts..

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