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At townhall dot com i'm ron dirac strip been wondering how you can make a difference with your cellphone checkout patriot mobile america's only conservative cell phone company patriot was founded in two thousand fourteen by conservatives looking to take on companies that are directly funding liberal causes yes it's really happening patriot mobile was built on conservative principles like the constitution smaller government and free markets and trade they'll donate up to five percent of each bill to conservative causes you see you can make a difference with your cell phone and as a consumer how does this sound with patriot mobile you get the same great nationwide services big mobile transparent pricing competitive plans easy switching discounts for active military veterans and first responders patriot mobile make the conservative choice today they're easy to find all you need to know is their address patriot mobile dot com that's patriot mobile dot com patriot mobile the only cell phone company built on conservative principles eighteen midterm elections past approaching and they're proving to be just as vital as our last election when the world change we must keep that momentum going in november join hugh hewitt mike gallagher and john mccullough for our battleground talkers tour coming friday may eleventh to zion church in troy early bird tickets now for just fifteen dollars or be a vip visit patriotdetroit dot com to get your tickets today patriotdetroit dot com this is john mccullough for dr richard klein at the michigan head and neck institute it's amazing how many symptoms at a tm disorder can cause when dr klein i became interested in treating it tm j problem there was not much known about it today the academic knowledge is much more advanced neck aches headaches ear pain dizziness sensitivity to sounds ears buzzing blurred vision of flow of tears without crying and pain in her behind the i can all be due to a t m j disorder it's not just jaw pain dr klein is helped over ten thousand patients with tm j disorders or obstructive sleep apnea and i don't know of anyone else who was as passionate and helping patients i've known dr klein for close to a decade.

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