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At the bt wards a few years ago he said this while everybody was fighting for a seat at the table talking about hashtag oscarssowhite oscar. So why. I said y'all go ahead and do that. But while you're fighting before seated at table i'll be down in atlanta building my own when i started hiring raji viola davis in egypt's elba idris egg like hell. No i'm sorry. He gives you the miraculous. I don't know her. I don't know they couldn't get jobs in this town but god blessed me to be in a position to be able to hire them. I was trying to help somebody cross in a time when in a time where my counterparts were making way. More than i was tyler. Perry was the first. Pay me my work. That is what to raji head and to a certain extent he is. Yeah because because he got top billing in tyler perry movie because of a maze so much it was easy for having her to have the discussion so i actually give that to trust me. I'm tyler perry also said every dreamer in this room. There are people whose lives are tied into your dream on your stuff on your business on your way. So it's very interesting that you're saying something different to not apples and oranges. But it's very interesting from tyler. Perry so i've always had a problem when we talked about this before if i'm not mistaking the whole idea of the building of a table which is cool. You know laundry inviting other people to sit at like you can't build your own table and then be like this. New golden state will yes. Just you need a writing table. Sir and editing tape ahead right right like if you have these the your your crowing about how you couldn't now shows like sisters words all black women but you're the only rider so there's nobody to bounce your bullshit off though the you're not helping anybody. Yeah you're out now black actors and actresses but you're not helping now black writers elmore now. Yeah black directors help this whole other genre. People were looking for a way through. Because you don't want to give up that power even though you get more power your mother motherfucking. So that's why. I had to take a big gulp. It's like it was coming. It's like let's go. Let's death because every single time that he says he's doing something he's really not and there's a ton of people out there who will say well. I've done this this person. But that benefited you too rod. You became a star not because of you but in spite of you because honestly i still don't know how she got on their goddamn boat and this is and i told somebody else's this is why i am never gonna watch that movie. I'm like you're not going to get to jokes. I'm like no. I'm i'm pretty. I'm on upticks. What the jokes are is. I'm not doing this. I don't know no no don't wanna know because then i'm going to be mad in fact that caused interviewed his ass and he still didn't answer the question and it was just like so nigga you know how she got on the boat either..

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