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The ravens who was the team that it was perceived if they're targeting Brad again front of and so when the trade goes through I had the same guy gave me the Christian Wilkins trade the same eagles guy gave it the criminal straight say this is, you know, they're moving up, and I and I said, do you think it's Hollywood Brown? And he was like, yes, I was like I don't believe you because they're the ravens with back. They moved out of the ravens. They wouldn't have been trading with raves. You'll Hollywood brat right smells this for tackles diligent in front of the Texans. Go get a tackle you read. Peter King report on the raiders, no apparently Jon Gruden sorry to throw a hissy fit in the war room. Because he thought the trading in front of them for Jacobs. He thought eagles were trading for running back. You thought how Roseman was moving up to twenty two to draft. Josh Jacobs in front of the raiders and Gruden had his heart set on the raiders Monroe fuse to not get him. How are you? So. Oblivious to the fact that the eagles probably won't take running back around what especially after requiring Jordan Howard. But then they would trade up for running back daylight Jake of so much. They're going to get in front of you Oakland for Josh Jacobs, pay rarely unit was like losing his mind. This whole story going to deserve the point that Dillard changed everything Gillard being available to late teens to you. You took it first round draft prime lit on fire throughout the window. Right. It was like vocal Eoghan falling after pick number one. Like, it was just changed the whole game. No, one knew how to react Philly just makes quick trade up small trade goes and secures the guy as we've talked about I'm not huge fan of Diller's. I think forty seven forty ninth over all for me on my final board your lot lower. He was forty seventy was twenty on mine. So I was higher. But I'm interested with how you feel about the fit here in Philly. Right. So that's that's that's what we've been saying from the jump like when we talked about Diller three months ago Earl actually even say like two weeks ago when we knew he. Going top fifteen. We were positive go top fifteen. There was no doubt. He was going fifteen year. We said I Lee has to go place where he's able to to develop number one. And number two. They're gonna let him pass protected space. He's not gonna be responsible being Ligo road. Paver is not going to have.

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