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Those kits put the work in and and now you're seeing some of the fruits of the labour it's amazing what's happened in a year to me though i mean we poured the goalpost down after breaking a twenty nine game losing streak and how about this work we've lost twenty nine games in a row it's the longest losing streak individual and football and we break in attendance record for the first time good so this community has been like absolutely unbelievably supportive and it's been fun for them to be able to go with uh go through it with us too but uh you know then you go home win a one and you find a way to go pizza arrival at murray the next week when the first top percent i mean the records or or the streets that had been broken you know last week we played it at eastern kentucky this football team had not won at eastern kentucky since nineteen seventy seven we'd lost forty five of the last forty nine games versus easton uh we had not won three straight games since 1980 six we were you know a hundred games under uh 500 since two thousand in whatever it is so the the streaks it these kids have been able to break if if the ludicrous and and they'll never happened here again but uh our kids has believed in it for a long time obviously personnel is vastly approve what it was a year ago but we still felt like we got the culture right where we could take steps to uh in your two and uh you know the expectations you go from all the fans around the the area like man i hope you'll win a game this year uh i mean we got to win this game to getting fps playoffs uh in in two and a half months has been pretty amazing and uh our kids in assistant coaches deserve all the credit uh we'll matsick here i'm actually i'm going to be hosting the uh the afc a selection show on sunday so i hope for your sake in our is that the things you know well this weekend and we can chat with you uh on sunday on the show uh there was a great story cbs sports at a story barton simmons in and talked about you coming there and and marcus west your defensive coordinator.

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