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I think he can make that transition. Yeah i don't think that that would be a problem for him like you said. I think he gets the more balls which means he tries to make rosie. Shouldn't some of those heirs. Probably just a little bit of lapse in concentration. Which as you get older you tend to learn to lock in mentally a little bit better. Long-term he could clay. He could play shortstop. But i do think it might benefit him from from on his career to make the move to centerfield or even you know he hits home runs and slugs enough that he could play a corner outfield spot. So you'd like you said he's a tremendous talent a tremendous athlete. It's gonna be a shame. I want to hear from you at two hundred and ninety nine career. Home runs a hard. It is is hard to get the ball out of the ballpark canadian. Easy thing you know. You've got gotta have the right swing and all that and miguel. Cabrera joined a five hundred club. By the twenty-eight player you know many players have played major league baseball only twenty eight of gotten a five hundred more. How impressed you when you when you see a guy reached that milestone. i mean it's it's a number that gets you in the hall of fame. I mean it just it. Should i mean i think all of them are outside of some sort of speculation on eighties but i think we talked about five hundred homers. That's it's an incredible seat. He's one of my favorite ryan hitters of all time. If not my favorite just to watch. I used to watch his swing a lot. When i was playing just two. Because he had such a pure swing. We start talking about a triple crown. You talk about a god's batting title. He is tall seals. He was he was a hitter. I wanted my swing to look like. And i think a lot of ryan fitters would say the same thing and just an incredible guy. He's a lot of fun he's he plays the game with a lot of good energy time. It's a super impressive number. It just really. As i mean doesn't it just i can't. I can't say it enough. That when you get to five hundred homers there's only twenty eight guys ever played the game of baseball at of got there. Just an incredible number and i am a hall of fame voter. That's of my magic numbers. Five hundred home runs. You automatically get my vote. I don't need to see any other stats to me. It's three thousand. Hits five hundred home runs or three hundred wins. And you're in with me because it to last that long and be able to amass those stats to me. Those are magic numbers fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. are to listen why some brings those priceless moments where you can just kick back with some friends. Grab a few cold ones. I was at the ballpark with my buddies. 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Visit proof point seltzer dot com to find proof point near you. That's proof point. Seltzer dot com celebrate responsibly. Twenty twenty one cam by molson coors beverage company warnke wisconsin distilled spirits. Let me ask you about the. Milwaukee brewers who are running away with the nfl central and a half game lead as of wednesday. Where to brewers. They came you know from mid. They had a good team. But i didn't think they'd run away with central u. Surprise i am a little surprised and not now. Having seen some of the way that they're young pitchers are developed. Their starting rotation is is probably the best. If i had to say at least best in the national league and maybe even the best all the major leagues and you start looking at their starting rotation and then when you got hater and i think williams at the back end You're you're talking about high end pitching. They did a nice job of adding some position. Players cold long had a really good season. They've they've made some nice mood of supplemented their offense but they're their in house. Pitching that they've developed is turned out to be super high end and It's good they're going to be a tough out. I would say if i had to pick a nationally representative right now for the world series. I think i would go with with. The milwaukee brewers just because of their pitching amazing. his name was matt holliday. To former major league outfielder also the outfield coach at oklahoma state madman..

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