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It to you. Stephen Carol on W T. M. J. Dr Dre, Man. I love that song. All right. Sam is joining our glamping conversation. Let's see what Sam knows about Glamping, not Sam. Good morning. I have not personally gone Glamping, but our daughter in family needed to get out of Chicago between the virus and the rioters about a month. Half ago, and they headed out West and they did stay in the PP. The pictures from the outside were great. They said. There was a bad for the two adults to sleep in. And the two girls aged 8 10 sleeping bags, so it doesn't have, like a like a rug floor. What's the floor of this thing? You know what? I have not seen pictures to see it. Look, the pictures at night were so cool. There were three Teepees and the pictures at night all lit up and there it was really cool. So and then, And then they went another night to a place where they had that you could see out much stars at night. Are you laid inside the well, like, know what did they do for like food and stuff that they have to make it that they have to, like, Make a bonfire and cooked over there owns a doll. There was no bad wiring. White teepee and, Yeah, they either cook today yet I got food because they brought camping gear along, but they just kind of picked up and left in about two or three days and just took chances. And headed West for a week. And they had they love. Where was that out? Did they say where it was that? You know what? I am not sure I knew you were gonna ask me that. I haven't gotten all the detailed information since they return. All I know that, the girl said the best part of the whole trip was all the animals they got. Well, that's that's a thing. Thanks for the call. Se Appreciate Sam Wing with the TP thing I didn't even know that was a thing. I definitely didn't know That was a thing. I'm there's this one that I'm looking at. Right now. It's called Bison Peak lodges there under construction, so it's not available, but they at least have pictures and they get a price range. They're not. They're not bad. It's like if you want like one of the more rudimentary toe TPS. It's like $79 a night. But like Sam said, you're doing everything else yourself. Here's my problem. My wife is not going to sleep in a teepee. That's not going to be something she's going to sign up for. I know I liked her. I'm not in that treehouse thing looks interesting cause it's it's tricked out. Yeah, the treehouse and it's you. You can get there through zip line or they have, like a suspension bridges and things like that that you can get through. That would be so I think while like waking up in a big tree house like that would be kind of cool. How about this definition from the 262? Stephen Karen. My definition of camping is spending a lot of money to act for. That's exactly what I'm telling you. I love you exactly what I tell you. Why are you going someplace But these are different. This is different than camping. And I understand people that are committed to our Wien. I totally get it. It's just not my thing I need I if I'm going to go on vacation and sound so bourgeois, But why should it be any different than a regular life waiting in the bathroom thing? I'm with you, Carol. Need my bathroom. My coffee in my bed. Yeah, I mean, and you know, in those RVs, like the bathroom in the shower are the same or then you've got to go and hook it up. Find a campsite. You gotta hook it up so you can have to the takes and ah, this This is crazy to me, too, 62 on the active Morgan's talking Tex line. I currently live. I hope I got this right on a four travel motorcoach, 40 foot diesel pusher, 194 gown fuel tank six miles to the gallon toy or not. Price, $420,000 Brand new Holy crap. You could build a hell of a house for $420,000. Did they give a reason as to why they decided to do it this way, Or is it just the fact that you can pick up in gold wherever you I understand that to a lot of people have that wanderlust where they can. Just if they're retired. They could just pick up and move. But how one. It's six miles to the gallon. Let's see what is that? Well, I guess 194 gallon fuel tank goes pretty far. But How loud that is. That seems Well, and right now, with the price of gas, you know, we're kind of bottoming out. So maybe it is a good time to try it. But I'm I'm not. Listen, I'm not cooking. I am not cleaning up. I'm not making the bed. I don't want to do any of that. So if it was a tree house, fancy treehouse where they delivered the food in that something you would do with a bathroom. Yes, With that. There is a band bench, right? That's well, Yeah, Hopefully I'm not hanging from a hammock by one of the branches of the tree house thing. I'm going to actually check that out. Now. Here's one fancy RV sales. Both buses and big Tobel is usually the big pickup have explored this year's families look for ways to travel together. Hang out in return. I get that That's its big well, and it's It's once again like we've talked about with this whole co Vered thing. How you have two more. If you're thinking into something maybe wouldn't be comfortable for you in the past, but you want to. You want to do something because everything's shut down. Look, they just shut down Noah's Ark again. You can't go over there. I drove by there the day before close. It was not as crowded as usual, but the kids were still screaming like maniacs. I didn't understand them opening that in the first place, But anyhow, that's that's a whole broader, has a whole another thing. You hear somebody says, Check out Eden Wood, and what's home? A Wisconsin glamping tents. Clamping turn so eagerly blood even when we'll check it out. Quick, break back to Steven. Caroline. Don't go anywhere. Stephen Carol.

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