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This podcast was produced by or if him dunedin with support from new zealand on the twenty twenty one thousand eight and riders and rate is face was out an ot potty jonatan at unesco city of literature from the sex until the night of my and this podcast series. We share recordings from these stations with here and go in the mira. Rose collins talks to fill a duffy about what happens to a story. when a book snapped up by hollywood's tina cacho keto welcome. Everybody and it's not even to me once today so happy. Mother's day to all the mothers and the room and also significant others and also a happy birthday. Believe it or not carlyle. She gets the cornell. Today co philip duffy. Talk highly my and welcome to the season. The amazing dunedin writers and readers festival. Twenty twenty one. I'm here with former lawyer. Former sailor possibly in be selling debut. Writer rose carlisle today. We'll just enjoy a wide ranging conversation about the book. Her writing life also will have a few minutes for questions at the end about girl and the girl in the mirror which i hope many of you have had a chance to read those of you. Who haven't will take the opportunity once we get to question time the. Ob some roving microphones and the fabulous. Volunteers will be taking it around. So if you could please just white for the mic. That way everyone in the audience can hear particularly those like me who do have some hearing difficulties and so rose welcome back to dunedin roses a proud alumna of the university of chicago and loss. Go from the era of coffees. So what do you remember or not. Remember about your student days. I remember being really really cold and going to the come to study because it was warm much has changed but i had a really great time when i was here. I remember. It snowed for three weeks at one point on the ground for three weeks. And which i've hit doesn't hasn't really happened for a long time but i really loved that because i always wanted to live in the snowy when i was a kid and of course growing up in clinton never happened great and so you did a law degree but did you dilly dally around and other subjects as well. I actually sort of raced through my law degree and was practicing law at twenty one. Which is crazy really..

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