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When polity and said she wanted a baked potato with krispy skin and creamy insides topped with butter and sour cream my mind immediately went to my favorite baked potato which is from a place called the wedgwood broiler in the wedgwood neighborhood in seattle this is an old school place it's from 1960 five there is a lounge and then there's a restaurant side and you always want to sit on the lounge side it is like going back in time if you go in the evening for dinner there are couples that treat this place like their own living room who eat here every night these old couples who don't talk who are eating liver in onions or london breuel looking past each other watching gulf on tv it is amazing having heard london oil long time yeah in this place is super affordable it's like a really old fashioned menu what i love about it i remember from my childhood almost every time we go out to eat you'd get do you want rice pilaf baked potato or mashed potatoes you want super solid like dinner used to come with a bunch of food now everything's alicarte in the city's you know you have to pay for bread on the side so this is kind of a throwback and the best thing besides the baked potatoes at the wedgwood boiler are there dinner salads because they always come automatically with cheese ads and little bits of salami what yeah it's awesome you have to go to the wedgwood boiler but my favorite thing which i will make a meal out of is the baked potato so i stopped in an interview the owner of alleged boiler derek kok pain their wrapped in foil to start uh and then sold in that we bigs him but they're really kind of steams them.

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