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So in other words, if you had a true voucher system, private school, a that is an amazing place in whatever might be the any student could put in a an ability to be able to apply for that and that have an equal chance to get in that anybody else. It doesn't matter of their race, their socio economic status, or even where they live if you really wanted to do that. But the whole problem with that is that they don't want that. No, they don't want to leave it open to anybody in About aggregate. this Negra Gatien and wealth inequalities totally about wealth inequality. So what you're talking about is again the people that are rich, have the best schools in this case, and it continued then to fund more money towards those best schools. You know, that's a already are, are are charging tuition in those kinds of things in. And now the schools that didn't have that much to begin with, like you just said, they have seven thousand six hundred dollars third lowest in the country as far as per students of what they're getting. And now you're saying we're going to have to pull a little bit more away from that to make sure that these, that these private schools get their share too. So it's it's, it's a messed up. It's it's basically a lie. It's not if they don't really want what they're saying. They want kind of this little backwards way of basically funding private schools. It sounds great man. Everything is so good right now. Anyways. Yeah, don't don't. Can't even contain myself. Don't bury your heads in the sand. People go go out and vote, make sure you vote, please vote vote. I don't know how many more times I can say it. When we come back, we're going to talk about an article that that I wrote with our good friend. Steve ISAACs about east sports on education is brought to you by audible. So I got to tell you about this book. So I'm reading a book called, you can't spell America without me. It's written by Alec Baldwin and it's and it's in Trump's for knack, it's in his voice. It's written. It's like as if it was written by Donald Trump, and so I'm reading it and I'm thinking every time I'm reading it. I, I'm hearing Donald Trump's voice reading into me. So I looked up on audible if it was there and I'm telling you it's there. So this is Alec Baldwin in the voice of Donald Trump, reading the book. You can't spell America without me. You've got to listen to this. It is an absolute nightmare of a book. It's hysterical. So all that you guys have to do to.

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