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As always five star of our show the White Mama Brian. SCALLOP. Brainy. Scale some amazing news and notes here one from our producer. Jake. Galley we've talked over the first half hour or so of this show about the Utah Jazz being sold breaking news out of Salt Lake. This morning there were sold to young billionaire. Ryan Smith. He's only forty years old he founded. Tech. Company called call tricks based out. Utah, now. He owns the Utah Jazz for a purchase price of one point six, billion dollars. In fact, his introductory press conference is going on right now as scale due to some quick research by our producer Jake Galley who is as usual is on top of these. Things I'm scale. So we go back thirty five years to win. The Miller family bought the Utah Jazz, in the mid eighties killed them Miller's Larry H. Miller family bought the Utah Jazz thirty, five years ago for twenty two, million dollars twenty, two, million with an m they sold the team today to Ryan Smith for one point, six, billion dollars with a B.. So that Brian Gala Brainy over thirty five year period is almost a seventy three times return on your investment scale if you own anything for thirty five years yes that is a long time but if you make seventy three times your money. Well. Yeah. That's that is quite remarkable. Twenty, two man. John Stockton should have just said I'll play for free just give me the teen like, why would you? Why do I need a salad just play for the price of the team I'm trying to think of the owner of. The story but there was a player who back in the day had a contract negotiation and he was asking ownership for contracts and the owner basically said, look the other way. Why don't you give me that money? You know give you the team. If you want that much money. You pay me that and you can own the team. Line I'll do some more searching back tomorrow on who it was, but that was back twenty thirty years ago now. We have a lot about the big dog. Robinson wasn't Glenn Big Dog Robinson. I think that's exactly it was. I. Think Herb Kohl was the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. I appreciate you bail me out there with the explanation I think it was Glenn Big Dog Robinson scale. He was one of the guys before the rookie scale contract. I'd instituted that was one of the reasons the rookie scale contract instituted because of that time the number one pick in the draft or even the top couple picks in the draft came into league is some of the highest paid players in. The League so you imagine any rookie especially, this year's draft my goodness in two thousand twenty where the uncertainty of the top of the draft imagine if Anthony Edwards Lamelo ball or James Wiseman whoever goes number one if those guys came in and they were making money that was in the range of Lebron James and Chris Paul and Russell. Westbrook and these veterans stars that happened in the NBA back in. The day that happened recently in the NFL and then in the NFL the looked at it. So wait a minute why are we paying James Winston Sam Bradford with these guys more than Tom Brady and drew brees that doesn't make sense you know. So that changes been I think a good one because you know putting that amount of money in rookie stance but especially scalp putting that amount of pressure on. Them where the highest paid players in the League from day one, I think that can have a detrimental effect. So good changes. By the NBA, in the NFL scale, we've been jazz heavy on this show. Obviously, we weren't aware of this morning of the news it was about to break with the sale, but let's get stick with the time get into the roster because they are an interesting team last year. They had a very good regular season they finished forty, four and twenty eight. To sixty one percent winning percentage gal. That was six in the western. conference. In the playoffs they surprised you and especially through the first four games of the series we thought without Bogdanovich they'd be in trouble scowl they were leading the Denver Nuggets three one before Denver had the historic comeback flip the script and then Utah, lost in excruciating fat fashion with Mike. Conley three point runner from the left wing running out as the buzzer expired that shot would have sent them through to the next round and playing the clippers in the second the shot goes out and instead the. Denver Nuggets went through. But scale they have some interesting decisions first and foremost I think this one's pretty easy. But let me ask you this is the form of a question scale if you were Ryan Smith in one or the Utah Jazz and Quin night on the sidelines especially Dennis Lindsey and the guys in the Front Office led by Justin Zanuck David Moore way would you give Donovan Mitchell a five-year Max extension which the jazz are eligible now to do as soon as the off season starts That's easy. That's an easy one right I'm seeing is wrong. I love to hear your opinion. You're the guy that does this but I would think that that's open and shut. How much can we are you? Okay. All right. Yeah, I think there are a few in this year's rookie class that are no brainers. Donovan Mitchell is one of them to do the five-year Max Extension Jason Tatum in Boston is another I put Bam out of bio in Miami in that category difference with those three teams I'll put Mitchell and tatum on one side and bio, and the other is the heat or a cap space team in twenty, twenty one, they want to preserve that space. So I think we've talked about on this show, they're less likely to be eager to do that whereas I think if you're the Boston Celtics led by Danny Ainge and the great staff there or Utah Dennis Lindsay those guys, they have a terrific. Group as well. You say, look, we're not a cap space team next year. So what's our most important priority than our most important priority is getting our young stud whether it's Donovan Mitchell Jason Tatum locked up for as long as possible, and that would be an exciting day for Celtics fans. I've tatum resigns and jazz fans if Mitchell resigns because that means schedule, you have those guys under contractual.

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