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He's going to oversell them, right? He's just going to throw it stock up there and make it to rich. And then everyone's getting kind of sell it off because it got too rich, and then he'll just gradually put it down. But then on draft day. This is the moon. Hey, Mitch you like McLaren you like MacLaurin at the senior bowl. You talked about him. Well, I had them in the first round back in April, April first, April second, I had. In the first round. That's what the conversation will be. So that's that's the move. And I understand it. But I think it is. I mean, I love MacLaurin. I think he's the best special teams player in this entire draft. I think we all know that he is speed. And he's explosive. He stood out as one of the most explosive skill players at the senior bowl. He's not a first rounder Kuyper. I mean, it's almost it's your almost doing a disservice to put him in the first round. Because now all of a sudden this guy who was a fourth or fifth rounder for the whole process is good value. He's going to be. Third round. Now, that's where you've draft a player who's going to be a great special teams player and a guy who's going to be a number three number four receiver for you and less you think he's going to be a number one receiver for you or a number two receiver for you. I I don't understand how you put it in the first round. Well, I wouldn't you think you could say he was a loved them and see this like now on talking about MacLaurin negatively when I was the guy who was praising him for I call it a contradiction because then we hear love best player skills to play at the senior bowl things about them all year. Now, you got him into third fourth fifth round to me seems to take him on day to where where he bought I talked to a team thought third ran I'm with you Todd. I had heard third round. But I think the receiving group is so poor in terms of the first round or so questionable. Let's say poor questionable is the operative word there and the correct word because there's not a lot of I ran receivers. Would you agree with that? Agree. Okay. That too that you feel good about. We got a cluster of second and third Randers. It looked like they have a chance to be really good kind of like back when four or five years ago or whatever your remember year when they had probably longer than that, Jordan Mathews and Alan Robinson that group of second round receiver. So I think that's a kind of second third round group. We're going to have this year. I think Lawrence speed the fact that he produced the fact that he's versatile. The fact that he's kind of ready now guys coming out with limited experience, some of these young kids come out, and they even bet Kip sixty seven career receptions in two years of injury over the last three years that we had him very high. I don't I think that's kind of guy. I'll take a chance with now if you say, well, he's a second rounder and you'll like the old situation a wealth. We liked them in the late second one. I take him in the late. I was rocking and getting them in the late second. So again, that's what I was thinking for the colts in protecting. Now, they haven't early to, but they have another need area and get this team to a SuperBowl level. It's not just about one. One position it's two or three positions at like the film Bowers big about the draft. He hasn't done a whole heck of a lot so far in free agency. And of the moves he did make getting funchess in Houston route receiver and you get a pass rusher fine. But I think the draft is going to be pivotal to whether the colts are just a playoff team or their what they wanna be which is a legitimate Super Bowl team getting another weapon for Andrew luck is a key to whether they are going to be that kind of team or not Todd when Mel says, do you agree, and you have to say, yes, I agree..

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