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And you know was once a military weapon and this is sort of the civilian version of the will and you cannot talk gun lovers out of it it is the most popular rifle in america said most i think is most popular gun mariel now why do you have to have it i mean if its purpose is to just kill people and it's the most popular gun in america than it's not about hunting eight seven some forty four mitch of your hunter husband doesn't know i i don't have an answer either ed you're on the mitch albom show you don't want good and retire mopping on uh of about my country requires schap route on crime mommy them uh and uh you know i've never have shoot anybody foot why do don't fate train some of the faculty to have gone so people have more freight up coming through the schools you'll know one that there is no no way of defending um you know these these kids go in there she schools and they have uh they know that if a safe zone well there's the training uh of of the teachers' first of all which is expensive and it would have to be done then there's the carrying of the guns themselves which teacher gets to carry a gun then there's the whole philosophical thing about the really want your teacher to be carrying a gun is that what you have in the front of the classroom uh you know uh and then there's the possibility of being a teacher being overwhelmed than the gun being taken away and then being used if you don't think some of these kids can beat up the teachers evan you have a look the inner city highschool recently so you have all this effort to try to shoot the next kid who comes in to shoot up the school but to me that's accepting that we're just gonna continue to have these people with with with mass weapons coming into the schools and that's the given so how do we how do we protect ourselves against that i i'm looking for ways like i say to try to stop the first thing from happening because i don't think you can army every teacher and besides as coward you the rest of them when they go a nato plan will come in alive like dylan klebold aggressive this death is dykstra into teacups you heard me or i'll shoot argued 51st men give yeah.

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