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With substantial benefits visit a and D W S FC dot org I'm rob stallworth wtp traffic And here's storm team fours Michelle Grossman Much cooler today we're gonna reach out 50° compared to the 70 yesterday but lots of sunshine and a bit breezy too with wins gusting to 18 mph Tonight mostly clear and cold low of 33 and then Monday lots of sunshine still will be milder high of 55 Tuesday even milder high of 59° some spots could reach 60 with lots of sunshine We'll keep it dry once again on Wednesday but introduce a little more cloud cover partly cloudy skies a high of 55 I'm storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman 45° in Annapolis 43 in Bowie and 44 in bristow This is W TOP Your source for today's top news traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated In your car at home at work and on the go WTO P never this a moment Good morning I'm John Aaron Thomas Robertson is our producer coming up one deadly tornado to touch down and part of the country could have been a record breaker Another former White House official says he won't cooperate with a congressional probe Judges using capitol rioters social media posts to give tougher sentences I'm Gigi Barnett It's ten 31 As part of that devastating tornado outbreak that roared across the middle of the U.S. a twister carved a track that could rival the longest on record CBS News correspondent David begno is in hard hit Mayfield Kentucky At a candle factory more than 100 people were working when the tornado hit It's flattened Keanu Parsons Perez was trapped under the debris there and she was streaming live on Facebook This is the waterfront It's born me along with the wall She was one of 40 people.

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