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Maybe they can steal a game. But if they end up in the eight seed in there in an eight one match up with the warriors, assuming the warriors hold off the nuggets as the number one seed in the west. I don't see that really being all that beneficial to the Lakers. Yeah. It's nice for LeBron. If he can continue that stretch of consecutive years that he's made the postseason if he can spark the team in Kennett get rid of some of the negative vibe that's been around him. But in terms of trusting the Lakers, I think we're way past that. You can't really trust them for anything for such a young team and LeBron's hoping that he can make the postseason once again. But I just don't and that was Stephen eight before the game last night and the Lakers do come away with the victory. But the pelicans it's not like they're a special team this year. Yes, they have that special player Anthony Davis. But they're also kind of limiting the minutes that he's been playing. So he's he's out there. He can spark the pelicans from time to time. I I don't know if I can necessarily trust the Lakers right now, I would not bet against LeBron. Somehow, you know, he said playoff mode is now activated in not that long ago. And Lakers haven't exactly played great since then. I wouldn't be shocked in I would never bet against LeBron kind of making that run queue the postseason. But I just don't if they make the postseason. It's not like they're going to be making any noise. It's it's an incomplete roster. And he knew that when he when he went there granted, I think he also probably felt that it was a really good chance that they would pick up Anthony Davis halfway through the season or get some more help in terms of that second stupor superstar on that roster. But it just hasn't happened. It is first and last ESPN radio ESPN app. I'm Gabe nights. So such a fun night in the NBA, and maybe the most fun in the NBA last night. The the warriors and the Miami Heat and what ended up being a successful final possession. But it was not. It wasn't pretty looking. That's for sure down by two. Dwayne Wade getting what he thought might have been an open look for three at partially blocked by Kevin Durant. But then he was able to get it back. He flipped it up and banked it in for the victory. Miami beat Golden State in south beach last night, one twenty six one twenty five after the game to Wayne. Wade recalling a game from ten years ago in a similar situation of what Kobe Bryant did to him. I wonder what Kobe hit the game winner on me. The glass. Govermental? That audio courtesy of sun sports, and you can go check out the audio right now or the video right now at ESPN dot com. Because it is uruly similar of great defense being played on Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade was right there in Kobe's Grillini banked in a top a top of the key three to win a game to beat the heat ten years ago back in two thousand nine so twain Wade dipping back in the memories to cure recall that and saying he brings out the mob mentality that was fun moments in last night's NBA..

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