Obama Administration, Senate, Mitterrand discussed on The Glenn Beck Show


Students there's bumper in our school every so often nobody at that schools ever been shot or killed on promise us at least uh and uh it seems to me that we should be guarding our kids became way that we got our banks all of this stuff assume should get wide agreement across the spectrum because it's relatively uncontroversial that we should be protecting our schools uh in a better way but the left doesn't want to discuss any of those things which demonstrates that there really is an agenda here at the agenda has a lot less to do with descending schools in defending kid and it has to do with the generalized guncontrol push that the left likes to engage it and more importantly the the moral push that you are a bad human being if you disagree with that because again this is what the the the obama administration in the early years sixty votes in the senate they had the house and they did nothing on gun control nothing because they knew the american people didn't want it and then as soon as the republicans took back the house suddenly turned into well let's talk about gun control every single day and why republicans are obstructionist which says to me that this is a lot more about politics than it is about protection is it about me is their motivation to essentially get their base fired up and get into your coming up to an election they went all this new money coming in and they don't necessarily want this problem solved because if it solved then they don't have the argument any more to take to their base yeah i think there's definitely secret that i'm not gonna say that their motives are awful they don't care about kids any alone and thank you that it was bad but i but i will say that they are that in the same way that the left did not resolve the illegal immigration issue and they had the power to do so because a day valuable local tool for them i think big don't actually wanted you gun control stuff because if they do number one it's not gonna stop initiative that's just not going to not a single element proposed just going to mitterrand's or stop mastered into other than total gun confiscation which they proclaimed they don't want uh and so they rather ginned up the base for for.

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