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The strong dominance COSMO which guides once we have broken through a layer of spirits. And then of course it's basically a mainly. Haitian a spiritual transmission which allows the day to day operations also lower and ancestral works. These are all taken From the work in and down the Does my work as gun. would In this conflict in any way with that I would probably purists everywhere would say in in Haiti. Does there's a? There's a saying which says design was not giner which kind of means like on one of the secret. Societies does not go well with other people who work with the Geena the type of other spirits. But of course this is just the the people who are more deeply involved in. It's also like the late multiple one of the great there. Also that WHO is one. The secret societies have their place. Even Haiti. There they are. They have their place to defend People against the tyrants and you know a criminals and so for us. It's more like this type of society and yes. It doesn't conflict at all in my opinion because and other things would be off that you are gone by day and some by nights night so both things worked together very well for me. The work that was done basically is a traditional gun is basically on the work I do. I work within a holistic framework of the bridge relatives. That's free of the spirit. That's free of the intrusion. Well this is my daily work into be at peace with the spirits to serve them well and to have a a harmonious relationship with them. The work at the secret society is directed against Basically a combats tackle situation where I switched into a mode. You could say income at mouth when certain things need to be done then. These are done in secret society which however also has a place for people who are not traditional bluest however them to work within a framework that they're not only have to be in a combat situation but they can actually deal with spirits on another level however disputes we have there are mainly hot and revolutionary wild spirits that address the situation but to night and day to put it simply right. We know what you're speaking about do day in that case today just work next to each other or today need each other in the hermetic wave today. Well I believe they would definitely need each other. That is why the secret society. We do have an aspect which addresses of the day today. Life the day the harmonious relationship with the world because of course these people also we offer them a way in which then they can put their freedom to use and weather can actually experience the Freedom Listrik wet and give them a cosmology in which they can do this like the Congo COSMO Graham which is little bit similar to what we use an is an example of how ever so yes. I believe this is so so I believe our secrets. Split into into as the main thing is to provide transformative tools for people to combat the issue the issues at hand and then provide them a framework and stability within which then they can experience an exercise their spiritual freedom and yeah so of course. I'm the lucky position where I can. This would have little to yes. Las Questions that complex if one wants to become a member in the society or other groups associated with dependent money because me what do I need to do? What are you looking for in a member? Well we are a group that is very much interested in engaging the individual so we take a lot of time and pay a lot of attention to the individual needs of person so we have we do not in no way basically provides the same teachings for everyone based on paper or something with mentors. Who will work with people very directly and very intensely so however these people also have a life which means we do not to with what we wouldn't want to work with people who try things our two from one thing to another wastes. These people's time most of the people that work with us have very good jobs. They are now. Phd's their electric State University professors. Whatever they are and so people are very busy This all for the love of the NOCES so we like people who are extremely engaged focused. Who Know why they want to be associated with us and they're ready to put To the work..

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