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Um i went to go to my state representative i went to he him and um who's your pardon who's your state representative mr brenner okay anyway um her you know um they're both of opportunity for you um think about um and i say pervez representative sort of implied that we didn't have come from kuwait hot air areas am and um i'm sorry we didn't have sorry sorry was during wendy wendy wendy we didn't have waiting the i'm sorry i missed what you said we didn't have would own how common core oh come course are higher gut we do have the air damn what we do you are running arab that common core work on your station and i put a from bet to go there you know um we need to know people need to know that uh yeah we got the common core with the air damned otherwise you guys wouldn't be running at how important work uh since we've gone from pit the 24th allegedly and our task then forever um however which her infant ohio one of them is hilliard one in delaware and one of them is um combest public huancayo i don't know what the fourth winner the top of my head because it's really in the morning but um so and growth opportunities for you remember these thing i would talk cure they represented are go and find out what they think of a and i would remember i am very concerned about the back to a deal that ever happened with the government i am a register republican and are horrible things going on everywhere but i when she didn't remember when we can be mad we can you how do we can be glad that we know with trip and we need to fight for letter crew go to the original quicker and pipe who wedding the truth and be glad for the opportunity to uh god bless america and you can.

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