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Marsha taylor and omri computer new audio i obtained by channel nine eyewitness news reveals what markeith loyd said to police the night they arrested him after a nineday manhunt you have the right to talk to her before and during question you understand that lloyd's charged with murdering orlando police lieutenant debra clayton and his pregnant exgirlfriend shoddy dixon about a month before completing what is the housing society as a complete boy doesn't deny firing the fatal shots into dixon what happened starting put a gun on me he claims he then took her put it in his back pocket but then her brother confronted him who did you shoot first her man him because he was he was on you talk boy beat me up but you want me to talk to you lloyd's complaining about the injury was i when he got arrested the investigation into the use of excessive force by the arresting officers is ongoing gene wexler news ninety six point five wdbo we're looking at a developing story as nearly three dozen victims of the pulse nightclub terror attack plan to announce a civil rights lawsuit this morning we should get a copy of that a little later this morning the conference is set for eleven am at the dr phillips house in orlando will be there and we'll let you know what happened during orlando's news at noon the man accused of killing winner park nanny last year wants a judge to release them from jail scott nelson senate judge a handwritten letter complaints this coming after a letter last month he wrote claiming to be a serial killer and also saying he was speaking starved on a nelson's new complaints now is that he hasn't been given his brother's address these grievances are petty inconsequential and even borderline winding there not going to have any effect and be on the orderly prosecution of this case that's channel nine legal expert bill sheaffer in las vegas the nine one one calls from the night of the mass shooting have been released gunman stephen panicked killed nearly fifty eight people and wounded hundreds more on october first of last year oh my god oh my god shooting shooting and your friend has been shot would operators all hearing nothing squeaks.

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