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Through eight routine food inspection. But carl said to me. This doesn't happen really unless a competitor tips. The fda off fda doesn't go around testing pasta boxes then. I reached out to a legal source who had worked with the fda before like. I don't want to give this person. Wakes very very much. Wanted to be anonymous deep throat. Exactly and he confirmed what karl had said. Which was that. Somebody put pressure on the fda. We reached out to the fda and they told us that they had discovered check. Oh bucatini iron deficiency through a quote routine enforcement activity. And also that. The case is still pending. We also reached out to check. Oh but all we got was an automatic response saying they wouldn't be responding. If you are a bucatini bopper or just bucatini curious. We are happy to report. That other brands now appear to be easily available online as for rachel handler. Who story you can also find online. She says she's going to keep digging into who might have done to check. Oh dirty though. Even the company itself phone answer calls. They think i'm the enemy. I think but i'm like no. I'm trying to get answers that the public wants from you because we love your pasta on the same side here exactly. I'm just trying to help you out. Help me help you help. America today show was produced by britney. Cronin it was fact. Checked by sam sei indicator is edited by paddy hirsch and is a production of npr..

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