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Virtual wooden boat festival this very weekend. It's. Burbank. Finally an Emmy winning writer as well as the Voice of Jesse on the animated hit Netflix show big mouth and she's the author of the New York Times bestseller you'll grow out of it. It's Jessi Klein. Roth. Welcome to our show. You're going to start off with WHO's bill this time as I bet you knew Bill Curtis is now going to read you three quotations from this week's news. If you can correctly identify or explains two of them, you'll want our prize any voice from our show you might choose on your voicemail ready to play. Great. Yeah. Here is your first quote. However, you feel about him he he makes great copy that's eight Dolan and editor at Simon, and Schuster talking about all of the books written about whom president trump exactly president trump or. President didn't save American manufacturing, but he has saved publishing according to the New York Times over the past four years twelve hundred books have been published related to Donald Trump meaning he did fulfill one of his promises to murder one, hundred, million trees. Have, you guys read any of these books because like everybody else just wait to hear what the news is out of any of them. You know amazing revelation and ex new book, and then I ignore it otherwise I I read the first Woodward one which is called fear. Yes. Not then you want which is called rage. I'm looking forward to his third one, which is just What is the opposite of wanting a book to be made into a movie? is where you wish the material that made the book would just go into a black hole it billion galaxies way I am not reading these books. That old saying Jesse is no. You know the the book was better than the movie and the reality was worse than both. Mrs True we're talking of course about this new book rage by Bob, Woodward in which he reveals that the president confessed to Bob. Woodward. That he knew how bad the coronavirus was way back when he was telling us it was nothing to worry about and it's true a Lotta people are going after Bob Wilbert for not letting us know this when he found out. They have a point if only we had known who was president in March we could have done something an. Thirty Zoloft into a blender with seventy tons of ice cream. Because I honestly can't think of anything I would rather do listening to literally all of these details I don't know about that Jesse but I think you should definitely write a cookbook. Trump somewhere in the title. So you can get on the best seller that's exactly it. All of these books are selling amazingly well Mary Trump's book his niece her book sold more copies than the art of the deal. So everybody is trying to get in on this semi rat is going to publish a new cookbook, salt, fat crimes and misdemeanors. Going to be called feelings and how to eat them all up. Here is your next quote Roth who love God stopped burning things down to tell everyone about your kids bills. That was a woman named Jenna car-o-van. Das. Who happens to be the person who invented a certain kind of party and now she wants everybody to please stop before they start anymore forest fires. What kind of party is it? Gender reveal, party, exactly agenda reveal party now. revealed the baby's gender by waiting till it grew up, joined the workforce, and then you see how much gets paid. But these days apparently parents have these gender reveal parties. Some people make a cake that are blue or pink inside some people released blue or pink balloons and one couple used a quote pyrotechnic device. That started a wildfire that is currently burning down most of the Far East of Los Angeles. Now, what's weird is after all that we don't even know what the gender of the baby is. Congratulations proud parents it's a disaster. I had I'm gonNA confess I had when my baby was just dating. Trahan a gender reveal party where I set off a nuclear bomb. This is the only way. To let people know. Is having boy. I just couldn't think of another way to do it. So it was. Thought about printing out letters or even calling my friends in the only thing I could do is to set up a nuclear explosion. You know what to me is that maybe the most surprising part of the story is that this is not the first major forest fire cited by gender review. This is at least the second that we've heard of. These disasters happening. So often they're going to have to add eight. One one is an emergency number just for the gender reveal disasters if you. If smokey bear is standing behind you with the shovel held over his head. That's gotTa swing it at you. Because you lit the forest on fire with your gender reveal. It's where should we should we do this overly performance of thing that's not about the child I know dry grasslands. Is that what happened in Chicago to did MRS O'Leary Have Agenda that it was a cow, not a bowl and then the whole city. Now listen as a public service. WE'RE GONNA give everybody who insists on doing this the.

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