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Sixty year old woman Beverly. She can get away with it because no one can ever cancer downpour. Yeah. That is quite a gig. You're right. You wake up in the morning going. Wait. What do I get to do today to follow death around debt, but just disruption in that way? And I'm so grateful because you know, like, many of us we've got family at are often in the pads of things like this. And so I'm grateful that there are people that are paying attention. I just don't want them to get hurt themselves. Yes. Exactly. The kind of feels as you're watching that it's on the verge because later he needed a helmet to get out there again. For a softball helmet that clip. Yeah. And there was a guy from another network who was talking about how their friends, and this guy was also one of the people that sits in the middle of storm is it's happening. And he was like that Jim he saved my life because I didn't have my helmet, and I flew into a thing, and he grabbed me at the right time. And I was like what are you guys do? Hey guys after work today. We're going to become traffic reporters. Yeah. Well, okay. So I forgot you're doing that. Now new job traffic. Tina is a head out onto I ninety four at rush hour. Yeah. Which is safe. Give us, you know, tell us what you think of the guess what I see you the same bumper. I saw an hour ago. Fan. Exactly. But Michael following hurricane. Michael it has it hit land fast moving. It's damaging just the wins the flooding.

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