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You know you will see kevin durant leaving the arena by himself copying or read the bile lonsdale really not speaking to anyone to a point where award is official <hes> went to him on a few occasions yeah or text uh-huh saying that <hes> you know we we need you. You know you know come with a cheerful disposition. <hes> <hes> you need to know is so his standpoint. You know he's looking at that like look man. You know i'm playing. I'm balling you know one of the first they get the practice more the you know last. We talked about this position like this is. This is why we're not you know play ended up too far. You know so it is a lot of things on all then you could you could tell l. everybody who the right was on the wall early on <hes> that you know this. Is that that that was going to be his last. War is not definitely do think that's raymonde. Mockery of situation can't be finally christine's yahoo sports senior n._b._a. Insider as we read the article as a staff this morning and i've said i just i don't think michael jordan would have left the warriors dynasty. I don't think kobe would have magic bird. Lebron wouldn't leave it. He left miami when they lost a finals and they looked old. Kevin durant are takeaway on kevin durant is he's a he's different. I mean i t t for for a star player on dynasty to leave to go to an inferior. What we think is roster coach stars. It's different when you're in when you're interviewing kevin. Does he feel different different than interviewing the other stars. You sit down with yeah. He does he does he's. He's a low maintenance guy. You know kevin's like all he wants to do. All you must do is play basketball and he wants to play basketball in drama free environment. That's that that's him. He hates like stories stories about you know especially in a regular season. You know you can't stand stories about you know talk. What's what's going to go on. You know in july well. We're at the subaru. Jane would change that. He's a pure basketball player like he's not the bra you know has take a whole bunch of different things katie hooper and <hes> you know it. That's why do i do that. You know with all the stuff that was us more and all. You just knew like this was it. He's not coming back. It has a lot of wars are so such a desperate state <hes> <hes> last season to try to appease him but you know a lot of damage already done yeah kris haines yahoo sports good stuff chris congrats on the article michael fascinating look at kevin durant decision. Thank you thank conflict for the record. The knicks were never ever ever even a tiny bit. Get in the equation. According to the article i have said for years fine me the great free agent in his prime who truly considers the next lebron never did never did <hes> i mean to do. They got amari stottlemyre with bad knees..

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