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Makers who were getting ready to object to those electoral college results are now changing their minds like Republican Senator Kelly La Flor, who says she can't in good conscious now object. Meanwhile, sirens continue to rock Capitol Hill as the neighborhood is bathed in red and blue lights coming from hundreds of law enforcement vehicles. Lisa. Till President Trump released a video to Twitter telling protesters to go home but apparently didn't go far enough. Somebody removing several of his post addressing the violence in D C for repeated and severe violations of its civic integrity policy. And the video message it dubbed a risk of violence boxes. Christian Goodwin, Facebook has now joined Twitter and blocking the president from posting President elect Biden condemned the violence of the capital. He said Democracy was under what he called an unprecedented assault work of the moment. In the work of the next four years must be the restoration. Democracy of decency, honor respect. Former President Obama laid blame for the violence on President Trump for President Bush said he was appalled by it. And former President Jimmy Carter, writing that he and his wife, Rosalynn, are troubled by what they saw the Capitol Today. America is listening. The Fox News This'll news is brought to you by Texas lending dot com. His radio K L B J I'm John Cooley in Topic. Austin's News Texas attorney general campaigns and wants to use 43 million taxpayer dollars to lead the 10 state antitrust suit against Google. Associated Press says Bankston signed contracts with firms after many of the staffing AIDS resigned or were fired as many people grow frustrated over Travis County's slow rollout of Copan vaccinations, County Judge Andy Brown says there have been talks about Finding vaccine mega centers that could potentially provide thousands of doses a day. But there are some glaring hurdles spoken to over a dozen healthcare leaders and I hear over and over again that we don't know when we're receiving vaccines or how much we're receiving. And that seems to be what the biggest problem in terms of planning and Numata Colonial anybody. Infusion center is stood up in Southeast Austin people in high risk categories. Who have contract ID. The Corona virus can receive the anybody treatment..

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